Best Furnace Installation Services for Homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Complete Furnace Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance Services

Heat pumps and furnaces are common heating system choices for Cincinnati area homes. When it’s time to replace these older units due to age or if furnace repair is no longer an option, area residents turn to Thomas & Galbraith for the central heating equipment they need for dependable heating all winter long. We can set you up with any furnace type, including gas furnaces, oil furnaces, electric furnaces, and gas packaged units to pair with your air conditioning system for energy efficient performance throughout the year.

Choose Thomas & Galbraith to find the ENERGY STAR qualified furnace you want for lower utility costs year after year. We offer furnaces with single stage heating, two stage heating, variable speed blower heating with high fan energy rating for better humidity control, modulating furnaces, low NOx gas furnace units, and more. No matter what furnace type you prefer, we have a furnace that fits perfectly with your air conditioner or zero emission heat pump cooling system for energy efficient performance year-round, all within your furnace cost budget.

With an HVAC expert from Thomas & Galbraith performing your furnace installation, rest assured any new natural gas furnace, oil furnace, or electric furnace will be the right size furnace for your home, so you won’t pay a higher initial cost for a furnace you don’t need. Our installation services ensure reliable heat and greater energy efficiency for warm, relaxing temperatures indoors.

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Fast, Reliable, and Professional Furnace Services When You Need Them

From time to time, heating and cooling systems break down, and air conditioning, heat pump, or furnace repair isn’t always able to correct the problem. In this situation, we won’t leave you without the heat your family needs to stay comfortable and safe – count on Thomas & Galbraith for fast installation of your new furnace. Our team is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to set you up with new furnaces as needed.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s Cincinnati heating services include:

Our team is ready to maintain, fix, or replace any type of heating system, including:

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Ductless HVAC Systems

A Vast Selection of Furnace Upgrades for Your Home

As furnaces age, their energy efficiency recedes, no matter what the efficiency ratings say. Wear and tear as well as neglect can reduce even high efficiency furnaces, including natural gas furnaces, gas packaged units, oil furnaces, electric furnaces, and even heat pumps and air conditioning units to poorly performing heating system or cooling system. The unit’s annual fuel utilization efficiency AFUE efficiency rating may say one thing, but it’s a safe bet that the actual gas furnace’s efficiency is much lower than that number.  Even an HVAC system that has been well cared for over its years will not maintain its energy efficiency rating forever.

Once you reach this point, energy costs will only continue to rise and so will your yearly utility costs. The initial cost of a new furnace may seem pricey, but this investment will help pay for itself through improved energy efficiency. Talk to a Thomas & Galbraith HVAC expert to explore your options in regard to furnace equipment for your home. Our Comfort Consultants are a great resource of information on all the furnaces we install, including natural gas furnace units, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces, as well as boilers, and heat pump or air conditioning systems. We can help you find the best gas or oil furnace for your home that is ENERGY STAR certified or explore other options like an ENERGY STAR qualified electric furnace. While the best furnaces are high efficiency furnaces in many cases, some don’t have it in the budget to pay their high initial cost. That’s ok, too! We will help you choose the best furnaces that fit within your budget with the power to deliver the heat you need to keep your home safe and comfortable. Your Comfort Consultant is always happy to explain how all of our furnaces work and how they can offer the heating performance your household needs.

Whether you select a gas furnace, electric furnace, or oil furnace for installation in your Cincinnati area home, Thomas & Galbraith performs top notch installation services that protect the furnace now and for years to come. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Thomas & Galbraith technicians undergo training direct from the manufacturer that covers every furnace we install to ensure high efficiency performance from every furnace placed into service. The annual fuel utilization efficiency marked on your furnace is what you should expect once your new model furnace is installed.

Selecting a Furnace Model for Your Cincinnati Home

Natural gas is a common furnace choice for homes in the Cincinnati area, as energy costs are relatively low compared to electric furnaces or heating oil furnaces. No matter which fuel source you prefer to use for heating, our furnaces work as expected to deliver reliable warm air without high energy bills. When matched properly with the home’s heat pump or air conditioning unit, you’ll see greater energy efficiency and lower energy bills throughout the year.

Choosing a new heating unit or furnace for your home seems complicated if you’re not familiar with furnaces and how they work. Before you buy a furnace, make sure to evaluate each furnace option with the following information in mind.

ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED & Energy Efficient Furnaces

The efficiency rating used for furnaces is AFUE, which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. The AFUE efficiency rating for a furnace starts at 80% and reaches just above 98% based on current furnace models available. To be considered a high efficiency unit, furnaces must have a 95% AFUE efficiency rating or higher. ENERGY STAR is a separate government program that considers furnace efficiency rating and other factors before assigning an ENERGY STAR certified designation, which can further help consumers identify high efficiency furnace models. ENERGY STAR qualified efficient furnaces are at least 15% more energy efficient than the base furnace models available for purchase.

The efficiency rating of a furnace refers to its performance converting fuel into usable heat – the higher the efficiency rating number, the more efficient the furnace operates. Natural gas furnaces or an oil furnace are the most efficient furnace options for most homeowners. Especially in cold climates, they outperform electric furnaces. While the initial cost to buy a high efficiency furnace is higher than a furnace with a lower efficiency rating, it will generate lower energy bills over its years of use.

Heating Stages

The number of heating stages offered by a furnace indicates the ability of the furnace to run at varying capacities. A furnace with more heating stages will generally have a higher efficiency rating versus a single stage furnace.

  • Single stage heating furnaces always operate at a single capacity. With single stage heating, the furnace is always running at the same high speed, no matter what the heating needs are inside the home. The efficiency ratings of a single stage furnace will be lower than a two stage gas furnace or variable speed furnace.
  • A two stage gas furnace, oil furnace, or electric furnace is able to run at two speeds to heat the indoor areas – high and low. Full capacity is reserved for times when the furnace needs additional power to meet the heating needs of the home, such as during periods below freezing in cold climates. For the majority of heating season, two stage heating furnaces run at their low capacity, which is about 40 percent of their full capacity. This allows the furnace to use less energy while still providing ample heat indoors, providing quiet operation along with lower energy bills.
  • Variable speed or modulating furnaces are the most energy efficient furnace models. They use a variable speed motor to control the blower along with a modulating gas valve or oil valve to reduce the amount of natural gas or oil sent to the burners. This type of furnace can increase or decrease operating speed based on the need for heat indoors. Their variable speed allows for precise temperature control and superior humidity control inside the home. The quietest furnace is a variable speed furnace, and the furnace cost is typically highest compared to furnace models with fewer heating stages. The variable speed furnace models are often ENERGY STAR certified.

Heat Exchanger

Standard efficiency gas furnaces along with a standard oil furnace or electric unit includes a single heat exchanger. The job of this component is to transfer heat from the fuel source to the air. An electric model furnace has a metal heating element that warms using electric current, while the heat exchanger of an oil furnace or gas furnace will hold the combustion gases and transfer their heat to passing air before the combustion byproducts are directed out of the system and home by inducer motors.

Many ENERGY STAR qualified furnaces have a secondary heat exchanger to improve furnace efficiency. The extra heat exchanger allows more heat to be used from the combustion byproducts. These oil and gas furnaces may also be called condensing furnaces, as the combustion gases convert to liquid and drain out of the system, instead of venting from the furnace as a vapor.

More Furnace Features

Additional features you may want to seek out on your next furnace include:

  • Low NOx gas furnace with fewer emissions of nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Silicon carbide or hot surface ignitor, replacing the pilot light of older model gas furnaces and oil units
  • ENERGY STAR qualified units for higher efficiency gas furnaces, oil units, and electric models
  • Automated technology for system alerts

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Comprehensive Maintenance Services for All Heating Systems

At Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we don’t simply sell new furnaces and heat pumps or repair them when they brake – we’re also in the business of helping our Cincinnati neighbors prevent the heating unit performance problems that lead to surprise service calls and unexpected furnace replacement.

Maintenance and regular tune ups for a home’s furnace, air source heat pump, or boiler are essential. Without them, every heating cycle adds up, placing sensitive system components under growing stress until eventually, they are no longer able to function. With maintenance services from Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, the damaging effects of regular system use are counteracted to boost heating performance and efficiency, protecting the system from breakdowns and early failure.

A yearly tune up is something no heating system should ever go without. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing makes it simple to ensure your heating and cooling systems’ essential maintenance is covered each year with our True Comfort Membership.

True Comfort Membership Plan

Our True Comfort Membership plan provides assurance to members that Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has your annual heat and cooling tune ups under control. Not only does your home’s comfort system benefit from professional preventative care, you benefit from the great savings that go along with membership! Gain access to discounts on repairs, service, and even new equipment purchases.

Learn more about our True Comfort Membership and join today.

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