Best Heating Tune Ups in Cincinnati

Heating Tune Ups Protect Cincinnati Furnace and Heating Equipment

Every year of heating system use has the same impact on a furnace as 100,000 miles of driving has on your vehicle. Without furnace service, the wear and tear can cause irreversible damage to the system. You wouldn’t drive your car that many miles without service or oil changes, right? Don’t do it to your heating unit either.

Servicing furnace and heating equipment each year counteracts wear and tear equal to 10 years of vehicle use. An annual heating tune up is absolutely essential to the longevity of your system as it maintains the unit’s performance and energy efficiency season after season. Heating and air conditioning maintenance provides Cincinnati households with reliable warm air throughout the winter, reduces the likelihood of a breakdown that leaves you without heat, keeps heating costs lower, and gives you more years of service from the system.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing makes servicing a furnace easy. Our heating and cooling system tune ups are performed by NATE-certified professionals capable of delivering necessary preventive care for all makes and models of furnace, heat pump, and boiler heating units.

Make sure your heating system receives the maintenance care it needs every year – schedule your annual heating tune up today.

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Is a Furnace Tune Up Really Necessary?

It’s not a ploy to keep customers calling and paying for more service – a heating system absolutely needs a tune up each year. There are many important reasons this service is required. Your annual investment in furnace servicing pays you back exponentially with the following benefits.

Fewer Breakdowns Requiring Repair

When service is skipped, heating systems become burdened as the damage caused by wear and tear builds. Bearings go out, belts loosen and break, interior components are harmed by contaminant buildup, and more. When a heating unit continues to operate with such issues in place, its ability to heat the home is negatively impacted. Its performance can become spotty and less reliable, along with more expensive as these issues cause the system to work harder.

The damage done mounts until malfunctions occur, leaving your home without heat. The resulting repair needs are typically more extensive and far more costly than the minor repairs that it would’ve taken to avoid the issue had they been caught during a maintenance tune up before they had the opportunity to develop further. Sometimes, the result is total system failure, which forces homeowners to replace furnace units early which causes additional and unexpected expenses.

Safer Operation

While tune ups help maintain positive system performance, they also enhance safety while the heating system runs. With a gas furnace in the home, carbon monoxide exposure is a concern. A cracked heat exchanger allows combustion byproducts to mix with the home’s air supply, putting your family at risk for carbon monoxide exposure. The heat exchanger, along with the furnace limit switch and other safety controls are all components that are inspected and tested during a tune up to ensure safe operation. Make sure maintenance is performed each year to ensure your gas furnace operates safely in your Cincinnati home.

Maintain Product Warranties

Heating air manufacturers typically require annual tune ups to validate warranty coverage. If you’re still within your heating and air conditioning unit’s warranty term, don’t risk nullifying this coverage by forgoing maintenance. Doing so means the manufacturer won’t pay for repairs or component replacement if a defect should occur. You will be the one stuck with the cost, which is likely to be several hundreds of dollars more than you would have paid with a valid warranty.

Comparatively, annual tune ups are pretty cheap. The cost of furnace tune ups is well worth it when it means the manufacturer will pay if major system defects occur. When warranty coverage is valid, typically the furnace or heating unit isn’t even halfway through its expected service life – don’t skip maintenance and risk having to pay to replace your furnace again so soon after purchase.

What a Heating Tune Up Includes

A heating tune up is an extensive service that cares for all the system’s important components. All elements of this service work to undo damage, improve performance, and preserve longevity.

A tune up for a furnace has many steps, but Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s NATE-certified furnace technicians are able to completely service furnace equipment quickly so it doesn’t detract from your day. In about two hours, a furnace is thoroughly serviced and ready to perform at its best for the next heating season. This service is quick, it’s affordable – you can’t afford to skip it.

Steps of a Furnace Tune Up

  • Lubrication for bearings and moving components
  • Tighten fan belt
  • Current and voltage test for electrical components
  • Electrical connection tightening
  • Exhaust system test
  • Gas pressure measurement and adjustment
  • Gas or oil line inspection
  • Ignition system performance test
  • Test operation of system controls
  • Cleaning of interior chambers
  • Air filter change
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Carbon monoxide level measurement
  • Thermostat operation test
  • Calibration of thermostat

While performing these steps, the furnace technician is also keeping an eye out for flaws and defects that could pose a hazard if not corrected. Often, malfunctions exist and homeowners continue to operate the furnace, which causes the problem to grow into something that causes greater damage by the time it is discovered. These repairs can be quite expensive and often make themselves apparent at the least opportune times, leaving you without heat and calling for emergency service.

During heating and air service, these issues are identified by your technician. You are notified of any discovered issues and a plan for correction is also presented so you are able to approve the necessary repairs and ensure your system is not at risk when in operation this season.

How Much Do Furnace Tune Ups Cost?

Furnace tune up service is very affordable, especially considering the great value it presents. As this service has the ability to prevent the need for repairs and early heating and air conditioning system replacement, most Cincinnati homeowners agree it is well worth the price!

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing makes tune ups and other heating and cooling service more affordable with our True Comfort Membership plans. By joining, members receive annual heating and cooling system tune ups that deliver preventive care for their home comfort equipment. In the fall, the heating system is serviced, and the air conditioning unit is serviced in the spring.

Beyond regular tune ups, the True Comfort Membership offers great savings when other heating air services are required in the home. For the low price of $209 per year, you receive the following:

  • One furnace or heating system tune up
  • One air conditioning tune up
  • Access to emergency service 24/7 without overtime fees
  • 15% discount on HVAC repairs
  • Free diagnostics with repair
  • $20 off diagnostics without repair
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • 15% discount on new indoor air quality equipment
  • 5% discount on new HVAC equipment (+accruals)

Ensure your heating system and air conditioning unit maintenance needs are met and save big on HVAC services – join Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s True Comfort Membership today.

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