Cincinnati Rooter Service

Rooter service is an umbrella term to describe plumbing repair service for sewer line clogs and clogged drains. To perform a rooter plumbing service, plumbing professionals access drains while using strong tools to bust through a clog while running water to push the material through the pipe. Plumbers might also access sections of the pipe when performing drain cleaning on tough clogs, removing the clog manually.

Rooting got its name from tree roots which are commonly found obstructing the underground sewer line. Over the years, the rooter term stock. Today, rooter service is used when addressing any sort of clog in drains and sewer pipes, not just tree roots.

When in need of plumbers near me, choose Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your next rooter service as well as additional necessary plumbing services. With a staff of licensed plumbers, we are always available to meet your plumbing needs, including emergency service. Our plumbers are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Schedule rooter service today!

Types of Clogs Combatted with Rooter Service

Drain cleaning rooter service attacks clogged drains to eliminate poor drainage from plumbing fixtures inside the home. The extent to which a clog affects a home’s plumbing fixtures depends on the clog type and the clog’s location.

  • When a clog sits within the fixture or appliance’s dedicated drain, typically, only that fixture or appliance is affected with poor drainage. Organic debris is the most common source of these clogs, including hair, soap scum, and food particles. Drain cleaning is typically sufficient to treat these clogs.

  • Larger clogs that affect drainage across the home can sit in the home’s sewer line. It’s often hard to tell if whole home drainage problems are caused by a sewer line issue or a blockage in the home’s main drain line. These clogs can produce water backup in plumbing fixtures when other fixtures or appliances are in use.

  • A severe sewer clog can produce a backup of wastewater into the home. In this situation, occupants are exposed to sewage, which can be very dangerous. These clogs can be caused by improper items that have been flushed down the toilet and have been collected in the sewer pipe. Outside intrusions like tree roots are another possible cause. You need the nearest plumber to me to perform rooter service in an attempt to clear these clogs.

Clogged drains and sewer line issues can produce some warning signs around the house. Observing the symptoms tells you it’s time to get in touch with the nearest plumbers for rooter service.

  • Gurgling Drains
  • Water Backup Into Nearby Fixtures When One Fixture Is Used
  • Severe Wastewater Backups That Cause Flooding
  • Slow Drainage
  • Drains That Won’t Drain at All
  • Multiple Drains Are Affected by Poor Drainage in the Home

Professional Rooter Service from Thomas & Galbraith

When you need a rooter service to solve clogged drains and drainage problems in your Cincinnati home, turn to a local plumber you trust. Contact Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule rooter service as well as emergency services to treat severe clogs.

When a plumber arrives to perform rooter service, the first step is to locate the clog and find out what it is made of. This involves:

  • A Visual Examination of Plumbing Fixtures in Drains
  • Running Plumbing Fixtures to See the Problem Live
  • Camera Inspection of Pipes and the Sewer Line

After the clog is located and a plumber has determined what materials it is made of, options for correcting the problem are explained to you. If damage has occurred to a pipe, plumbing repair will be necessary beyond a rooter service. Sections of the pipe may need to be removed or repaired through trenchless methods, or pipes beyond repair must be replaced.

Need Emergency Rooter Service? Calls Are Answered 24/7/365

How We Diagnose Rooter Problems

When you call for plumbing service, you expect your plumber to fully assess the situation and explain the issues you face upfront. Surprises are highly unwelcome when dealing with clogged drains, and Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing aims to avoid such situations by performing a thorough initial inspection.

With video inspection, we can see inside drains and plumbing lines, even those that are buried underground as part of your sewer. We can not only see the clog but identify where it sits in the line for accurate repairs if needed.

Preventing Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can largely be avoided if you know how to properly care for your plumbing pipes. Preventative measures also help maintain the condition of pipes, stopping leaks from forming and preventing damage that requires expensive plumbing repair services.

To prevent clogs, follow these directions:

  • Keep grease and oil out of the drain. This waste should be poured into the trashcan, not down a garbage disposal.

  • Certain items cannot be disposed of with a kitchen garbage disposal if you don’t want clogs. Skins, starchy vegetables, bones, coffee grounds, pasta, and certain other items should never be washed into the garbage disposal. Instead, throw them into the kitchen trash.

  • Clean the drain stoppers throughout the home once a week. Remove hair, soap scum, and other particles that have gathered around the component.

  • Install a strainer over your kitchen sink drain to trap food particles and prevent them from washing down the drain.

  • A Strainer Drain Trap Also Comes in Handy in a Shower or Tub to Catch Hair.

  • Bath your pets outdoors when the weather is nice to avoid washing pet hair down your tub or shower drain. During the cold months, use that strainer drain trap to catch fur and keep it out of the tub or shower drain.

  • Nothing but toilet paper and human waste should be flushed. Items such as feminine hygiene products, paper towels, baby wipes, and even flushable wipes should be thrown away in the trash. Even though an item may claim to be flushable, it probably does not break down properly in water to prevent clogs.

  • Teach children the proper use of the toilet. Many clogs are caused when toys and other items are mistakenly flushed, causing one expensive lesson.

  • Use lint catchers on washing machine drains to capture fabric threads and keep them out of the drain.

  • Keep the vent pipe atop your home free of obstruction at all times.

Pipe Replacement Possibilities

You may think simple rooter service is all you need, but often further issues are found due to clogs and poor drainage.  Cracked or otherwise damaged pipes can create a plumbing emergency that is costly to repair.  When your sewer pipes fail, a replacement can provide the solution you need for better drainage throughout the home. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing takes great care to examine all possibilities and gives you every available option when determining how to solve sewer line problems.  When replacement is necessary, we are able to use trenchless replacement methods to get the job done fast while avoiding digging damage on your property.

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