Here is what our team is doing to keep our clients and team safe amid the concerns of COVID-19. Learn More

Here is what our team is doing to keep our clients and team safe amid the concerns of COVID-19. Learn More

Best Air Conditioner Maintenance in Cincinnati

Air Conditioning Maintenance in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Protect one of your biggest home investments by hiring a professional technician to maintain your air conditioning. You’ll save money by preventing breakdowns, extend the lifetime of your air conditioning system, and keep your equipment warranties valid. 

Condensing coils, air filters and other parts of your system accumulate dust and dirt as your air conditioner runs over time, which negatively affects efficiency. In fact, you can lose up to 5 percent of operating efficiency every year due to the build up of dirt and dust in your air conditioner. If left unchecked, you A/C system won’t be able to cool your home as well as it could if it were clean. 

Like your car, which requires regular maintenance to keep running, your A/C system needs to be maintained in order to run properly. If you proactively take care of your air conditioner, you can save money by avoiding costly repairs as you extend the life of your unit. Even quick tasks like changing your unit’s air filter can prolong it’s life while improving your home’s air quality. 

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Why You Should Regularly Maintain Your A/C Unit

Save Money by Lowering Utility Bills

Preventative maintenance pays for itself through energy savings. Your properly maintained air conditioner will use less energy compared to a neglected system. When regular maintenance doesn’t happen, your system loses efficiency, leading to higher utility bills. 

Extend the Life of the System

When you have your A/C system professionally maintained, you are actively prolonging it’s life, and delaying the need to spend money on repairs and replacements. With proper maintenance, the lifespan of a heating and cooling system in Cincinnati can reach 10 years or more. Lack of maintenance can cause your system to fail sooner. 

Increase Energy Efficiency

HVAC equipment that is regularly maintained will be more efficient as compared to that of neglected units, meaning it uses less energy, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills. Professional maintenance can also prevent unnecessary stress on your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump which helps protect internal components from early failure resulting in repair bills. These savings can pay for your regularly scheduled maintenance over time.

Fewer Surprise Repairs

You can avoid expensive repairs by investing in preventative maintenance. Your air conditioner, or heat pump can break down at the worst time, like during a Cincinatti heat wave. By professionally maintaining your A/C system, you can catch small problems before they become big problems, and lessen the chances of parts failing. 

Healthy, Breathable Air

All of your home’s air is circulated through your HVAC system. You can decrease the amount of dust, allergens, and bacteria that your family breathes in by professionally maintaining your heating and cooling units. For example, you can help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that could enter your airflow by cleaning the coils. If you or your family members suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, you should invest in preventative HVAC maintenance. 

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Keeping your warranty valid can help prevent the need to pay out of pocket for costly repairs and part replacements. To keep a warranty valid, manufacturers require professional maintenance for your HVAC equipment. 

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Carefree Maintenance Agreement

The Carefree Maintenance Agreement gives you priority service and helps you prevent problems from happening in the first place. You will save money on service, save energy, and add years to the life of your equipment. Get the benefits of prevention with the service you expect from Thomas & Galbraith’s! You will receive our extraordinary Carefree Service!

Heating and Cooling Benefits

  • TWO Annual Visits (one heating and one cooling)
  • TWO YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Earn Carefree Dollars toward new equipment purchase
  • Carefree Guaranteed Technicians (not outsourced contractors)
  • Priority Service over Non-Plan Members
  • No overtime charges EVER
  • FAST Response and 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Emergency Spot Coolers
  • 15% Discount on heating and cooling repairs
  • 5% Discount on heating and cooling equipment
  • 5% Discount on indoor air quality products
  • FREE service call with repair or discounted service call fee without repair
  • Maintain and validate manufacturer warranties AND Thomas & Galbraith’s warranties
  • Agreement is transferable

Learn about the benefits of a Carefree Maintenance Agreement

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