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Toilet Repair for Homes in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Broken toilet parts can create nightmare situations for Cincinnati homeowners, with the potential for damage and great inconvenience. Toilet problems take your bathroom out of service, posing a big problem for your family members and any guests who are visiting. Many parts to a toilet can sustain damage or wear out over the years, stopping the toilet from performing effectively.

A toilet problem is never a pleasure to deal with. Clogs that stop the toilet from flushing, a toilet bowl that overflows, toilet tank leaks from a worn out flapper, leaks on the floor from a bad wax ring, broken flush valve parts, malfunctioning fill valves, and more – whatever parts of a toilet are giving you trouble, your trusted Thomas & Galbraith plumber is able to solve the problem and put your toilet back into service to prevent any further inconvenience.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs toilet repair for homeowners living in the Greater Cincinnati area. We know common toilet repair problems create quite a nuisance for our customers, which is why we are committed to performing every toilet repair quickly and reliably. Our licensed plumbers find the cause behind your toilet malfunctions and make repairs or install new toilet parts so your toilet runs as good as new when we are finished. If replacement is the advisable solution, we perform skilled installation to outfit your bathrooms with new toilets offering better comfort and efficiency.

For toilet repair in your Cincinnati home, contact Thomas & Galbraith today. When experiencing a toilet repair emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us – our plumbers are on call 24/7, every day of the year.

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Cincinnati Toilet Repair

A broken toilet takes a bathroom out of service, creating a huge inconvenience for everyone in the household. Don’t let the issue persist – call the licensed Cincinnati plumbers of Thomas & Galbraith whenever you have toilet trouble. Our plumbers arrive promptly and thoroughly inspect toilets to pinpoint the source of their performance problems so accurate repairs are able to be implemented without delay.

Every Thomas & Galbraith plumber is outfitted with the tools needed to perform quick and reliable toilet repair for Cincinnati homeowners. Including state of the art tools and trucks that are always stocked with any toilet parts needed, we have the tools needed when we arrive to perform most toilet repairs the same day! Common repairs such as flush valve or fill valve replacement, installing a new flapper or wax ring, or other parts replacement is easily performed so your toilet is back in service as soon as possible.

Need an Emergency Plumber for Your Toilet?

Rising water level in a toilet bowl or other toilet malfunction can cause overflowing and major water damage in your bathroom and other areas of the home. Don’t waste any time when serious toilet issues occur – our plumbers are available 24/7 to assist you.

Before your plumber arrives, take action to prevent more damage to your home. Turn off the toilet’s water supply to stop water flow out of the fixture.

  • Locate the toilet’s shutoff valve – it is typically positioned behind or next to the toilet bowl, below the toilet tank.
  • Turn the handle clockwise to cut off water supply to the toilet.
  • If the handle is difficult to turn, apply WD-40 to help it unstick.
  • If you are unable to close the valve, tell your plumber so the shutoff valve can also be replaced to prevent damage if future problems occur.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair

There are many different parts in toilet fixtures that can experience damage or malfunction over the years. Toilets give off signs that indicate there is something wrong that needs attention. Be mindful of these signs that show your toilet isn’t functioning as it is supposed to and it needs to be repairs. Call Thomas & Galbraith to schedule toilet repairs if you notice the following:

  • Fill valve takes a long time to increase water level in the tank
  • You hear a dripping noise after you flush the toilet
  • The toilet takes a long time to complete a flush
  • The tub or sink make a gurgling noise when the toilet flushes
  • The flush is weak and unable to clear the toilet bowl
  • The flush is strong but incomplete
  • The toilet tank doesn’t fill after a flush
  • Low water level in the toilet bowl
  • Double flush
  • Whistling noise as the tank refills
  • Water level rises in the bowl and overflows

Common Causes of Toilet Repairs or Replacement

Toilet repairs can involve the replacement of small parts of the toilet that wear out over the years, or sometimes the solution is you need a new toilet entirely. Common toilet repair and replacement causes impacting Cincinnati area households include:

  • Water leaks from the base of the toilet, possibly accompanied by a loose toilet base. This issue usually occurs when the wax ring at the base has degraded, requiring replacement. In addition to water around the toilet, the toilet may rock or wobble when in use. Leaks from a failed wax ring cause damage to the floor over time, so you want to have this issue repaired right away to avoid rotting wood below the fixture.
  • If you have a running toilet around the clock, there could be a problem with parts in the toilet tank. If the toilet makes a flushing noise when not in use, a leaking flapper or broken flush valve may be causing low water level in the tank which forces a flush. Because water level is too low, the fill valve may come on to try to fill the toilet tank, but water continuously leaks into the bowl. A running toilet wastes several gallons of water each day, which not only is bad for your water budget, but overstresses septic systems, so have the toilet repaired right away.
  • If the toilet is unable to flush properly, it may be an older model that is simply unable to do the job any longer. Replacing the toilet with a new high efficiency model is beneficial in terms of functionality and water conservation.

Installation of New, High Efficiency Toilets

Some Cincinnati homes are equipped with older toilets that waste a lot of water with each flush. Toilets made before 1980 use as much as 7 gallons of water to complete each flush. Today’s toilets have standards for water consumption, and can use no more than 1.6 gallons to complete a flush. The most efficient toilets on the market require just 1.28 gallons to flush.

A pre-1980s toilet uses over 12,000 gallons of water every year, assuming it is flushed five times each day. A 1.28-gallon toilet requires a little over 2,000 gallons of water to operate each year, flushing five times a day. Upgrading just one older toilet can save as much as 10,000 gallons of water over a year’s time!

Upgrade toilets in your Cincinnati home today – contact Thomas & Galbraith to request an estimate for new toilet installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Running toilets can leak over 1 gallon of water per hour, wasting around 13 units of water a year.

A constantly running toilet can double a family’s water use if the problem isn’t addressed.

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