Best Furnace Maintenance Services for Homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Furnace Tune Ups and Maintenance Plans for Cincinnati Area Homeowners

New furnace units or old furnace heating system, gas furnaces or oil furnaces – no matter what type of HVAC system you use for heat in your Cincinnati home, one thing is certain: annual furnace maintenance is a service you should never skip! With a regular maintenance furnace tune up along with DIY furnace maintenance performed between each tune up, your HVAC unit will receive the care it needs to keep running efficiently.

Preventive maintenance aims to stop furnace problems before the create issues in your home, minimizes the risk of breakdowns and repairs, continues the proper function of heating and cooling systems, increases indoor comfort, creates cleaner air and better indoor air quality, keeps energy bills low, and maximizes the lifespan of the furnace and air conditioner. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers professional furnace maintenance services so you can enjoy these great benefits year-round.

We tune up all furnace equipment brands and models using our proven furnace maintenance checklist to address all vital parts throughout the entire furnace. Maintenance plans are also available to ensure you never overlook regular furnace maintenance for your HVAC system. We take on the task of scheduling your professional heating tune up in advance of the winter season so your system is ready to heat your home with efficient ease once it’s time to turn on heating! Your membership also comes with benefits that can save you a bundle should you ever need HVAC repairs or wish to buy a new furnace, air conditioning unit, or indoor air quality equipment.

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Prioritize Professional Annual Furnace Maintenance

Cincinnati area homeowners hear a lot of different info regarding ways to protect the furnace, cut energy consumption, and save on heating energy bills. While many of these heating tips and tricks can be helpful, there’s one bit of advice that can maximize those benefits and more – have a furnace tune up performed each year by a licensed furnace maintenance technician.

Regular furnace maintenance performed by a professional services and examines all critical furnace components. Service tasks are completed based on Thomas & Galbraith’s furnace maintenance checklist to minimize the damage of wear and tear as well as limit the likelihood of a malfunctioning happening later on during heating season. Specific elements of your furnace are tested, observed, and measured, then corrected or adjusted as necessary to ensure the electric, oil, or gas furnace can deliver efficient heat for your household.

The Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Your Tune Up

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has put together a comprehensive furnace maintenance checklist to ensure all critical aspects of the heating system are properly addressed during a furnace tune up. Without proper maintenance, wear and tear damage as well as developing faults will reduce efficiency of your furnace, potentially creating the need for costly furnace repairs or even replacement.

Gas furnaces, oil furnace systems, and electric furnaces have many working parts that all must work at their best in order for the furnace to deliver efficient and affordable heat in your house. Our furnace maintenance checklist addresses these individual furnace elements – the tune up steps we complete during professional furnace maintenance include:

  • Install a clean air filter and dispose of the system’s dirty air filters
  • Verify the blower door panel is secure when closed
  • Clean out dust, debris, and loose material from the blower motor assembly
  • Replace a broken belt or tighten a loose belt running between the fan motor and the blower fan blades
  • Add lubrication to oil ports on the blower motor to grease the bearings within
  • Remove carbon soot from combustion chamber walls
  • Use a small wire brush to clean away carbon soot on burners and clear up yellow flames
  • Clean soot and debris from the flame sensor
  • Test the performance of the flame sensor
  • Examine natural gas supply or heating oil fuel supply pipes for leaks and damage
  • Test function of the gas valve and adjust natural gas pressure when necessary
  • Verify good airflow through the combustion chamber so fuel mixes with air correctly
  • Replace the old filter with a new oil filter in oil furnace units
  • Examine heat exchanger, looking for problematic issues like a cracked heat exchanger
  • Test operation of the electric motor of the draft inducer
  • Verify the draft inducer pushes combustion gases out of the heat exchanger and through the exhaust flue
  • Inspect the exhaust flue for blockages, damage, or corroded flues
  • Inspect the circuit board, wiring, power switch, and other furnace electrical system components
  • Secure loose connections between wires, switches, and other materials of the electrical power components
  • Verify airflow and measure pressure in the duct system
  • Test thermostat for proper function

How Often Furnace Maintenance Is Needed & When to Schedule It

Air conditioning and heating system manufacturers state that any air conditioning unit or furnace should receive annual servicing from a licensed HVAC technician. One time per year, your system will need a furnace tune up to keep it running efficiently no matter what type of fuel supply it uses to generate heat.

Anytime you have a furnace tune up done and the furnace maintenance checklist completed, your heating system is going to benefit. Technically, a furnace tune up can be performed at any point throughout the year. However, choosing to schedule your furnace maintenance tune up for the early fall can be highly advantageous as we move closer toward heating season.

Why schedule your professional furnace tune up early in the fall? First off, it ensures all steps of the furnace maintenance checklist are completed prior to starting the furnace this season. In addition to the many clear benefits regular maintenance offers in terms of better comfort, lower energy bills, and improving the home’s air quality, the plus of reducing future repair needs is highlighted at this time.

During the furnace tune up, a professional closely examines all parts of the system. The tune up creates the perfect opportunity to get trained eyes on each and every part of your furnace – if there is something amiss with any component, your technician is going to catch it. Knowledge is power and when a problem is known, it can be corrected. Minor furnace flaws are fixed before time to start running the heating system – this way, they don’t snowball into large problems that inflict costly damage onto your heating unit over the course of normal operation.

DIY Furnace Maintenance Tasks for Louisville Homeowners

Professional annual furnace maintenance goes a long way toward caring for the functionality and longevity of your heater, but it isn’t the only maintenance service needed to preserve your system. Between annual servicing, there are steps you need to take to protect the furnace and enhance its efficiency.

Check and Replace Air Filters

Furnace filters are extremely helpful in removing particle pollutants from the home’s air supply. Many people think furnaces have air filters just to benefit indoor air quality, but that’s just a secondary benefit. The main function of air filters is to protect the sensitive parts inside a furnace or air conditioning unit from debris buildup tracked into the system by circulating air. Loose material like this can restrict component performance and efficiency as well as damage delicate parts.

You need to replace furnace filters on a regular basis – most furnace systems use a disposable air filter. How often new air filters are needed depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation, furnace use, and the home’s indoor air quality. You may need to install a new air filter more often during the coldest period of winter and hottest point of summer versus the spring and fall seasons when temperatures are mild and the furnace and air conditioner get a break. If your household includes various sources of air pollution, like smoking cigarettes or housing inside pets, air filters will naturally fill up faster.

Keep Vents Clear

Closing supply floor registers to cut off heat in specific areas of the home is an HVAC old wives’ tale spread to homeowners hoping to reduce energy costs. It doesn’t work because the furnace in your home is made to heat every connected part. Closing off a vent does not signal the furnace to create less heat.

Open vents keep air moving through the house and back to the furnace for superior heating. Regularly check all supply and return vents and make sure they are open and are not obstructed. If louvered vent covers stick and obstruct airflow, remove floor registers and clean them to hopefully free up the slats for adjustment – if cleaning doesn’t work, replace the cover. Don’t set large furniture over or in front of vents, and remove rugs that cover floor vents.

Safety System Maintenance

If you use natural gas or oil heat, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in the home. When the fuel supply doesn’t completely combust in the furnace, carbon monoxide naturally forms. Proper maintenance keeps combustion gases sealed in the heat exchanger and flue so they aren’t mixing with the air supply, but problems like a cracked heat exchanger could allow air and carbon monoxide to mix and make its way into your living areas.

Maintain carbon monoxide alarms so you’ll be alerted to the presence of this gas should this issue occur in your home. Each month, press the test button and verify the alarm will sound. Replace batteries in each unit every six months. If the carbon monoxide detector fails to sound when you perform a test, replace it right away – otherwise, replace each unit every five to seven years.

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