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Cincinnati Indoor Air Quality Services and Products

Indoor air quality is of growing concern to homeowners across the Cincinnati area. Indoor air pollution is now known to affect the health as well as the comfort of home occupants. While pollution is typically thought of as an outdoor problem, the indoor air within a house is typically far more polluted than the fresh air outside.

Thankfully, there are indoor air quality products and services that work to remove and control air pollutants inside a house. These products help Cincinnati homeowners achieve better indoor air quality using their heating and air conditioning systems. Products such as air purifiers, air cleaners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers all work to control pollutants and help you create an indoor environment offering better health and comfort.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s air quality experts assist Cincinnati homeowners in determining home air quality issues and finding the products that work best to treat specific pollutants. Turn to our team of knowledgeable professionals as you make moves to boost the quality of indoor air for your family.

Better Health and Comfort in Your Home

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing assists our neighbors with indoor air quality (IAQ) products and services that work in conjunction with Cincinnati heating and air conditioning systems to remove indoor air pollution and maximize home air quality. Depending on the specifics of the poor indoor air in a house, we may recommend one or more of these solutions:

What Is the Cause of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the quality of indoor air has a higher level of pollution than the air outdoors. Indoor spaces have air pollution levels as much as 2 to 5 times higher than the outside atmosphere. Those in the United States spend as much as 90% of their days indoors, so the exposure to poor indoor air is extensive for most.

The cause of poor indoor air quality is no one single problem. Multiple factors contribute to poor quality air inside a house. Pollutants are brought into the home from many sources and are trapped inside the home due to the way houses are built in how we live in them. Most homes lack proper ventilation to allow fresh air in, which moves pollutants out. This problem particularly affects newer homes built to keep heating and air conditioning energy inside.

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Major Indoor Air Pollutants Found in Homes

Air pollution builds in a home as pollutants enter through many different sources:

  • Mold Growth in the Home or Heating and Air Conditioning Unit
  • Asbestos From Older Building Materials
  • Pesticides Used Outside of the Home
  • Natural Radon Gas
  • Dust
  • Lead Paint
  • Carbon Monoxide From Fuel-Burning Appliances
  • Fumes From Air Fresheners, Cleaners, and Other Household Products

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is difficult to detect in a home, as many homeowners aren’t aware of the many pollutants that are in the house each day. A home air quality test and radon test are important to alert Cincinnati homeowners to potentially dangerous pollutants within the home environment. Testing air quality in home environments is the first step towards making improvements in IAQ. Quality air testing shows what air quality problems are present so steps may be taken to control indoor air pollutants, establishing good indoor air quality for the family. Air quality specialists use air quality testing to help determine which indoor air quality products offer the most benefit to a family.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Symptoms

Because indoor air pollution cannot be seen, homeowners must rely on specific symptoms that point to poor air quality in the home. The symptoms are typically related to health and comfort. If you suspect poor air in your Cincinnati home, look for the following symptoms:

  • The Home Smells Musty
  • Visible Mold Growth on Surfaces
  • The Home Feels Stuffy
  • Visible Condensation Collecting on Windows and Other Surfaces
  • The Home Seems Excessively Dusty
  • Odors Seem to Linger Indoors
  • Family Members Suffer Increased Allergy Symptoms

Thomas & Galbraith Helps Cincinnati Homeowners Tackle Air Quality IAQ Problems Quick

When your family members start to suffer these common indoor air quality symptoms, it’s time to address these issues. IAQ Products help control air pollution and inside the home, removing existing pollutants and keeping levels low ongoing.

Cincinnati homeowners have many options to consider when selecting products to improve quality IAQ. Thomas & Galbraith’s Comfort Consultants help our customers determine the air quality problems within their living areas as well as the professional products that will help them gain control over the indoor environment and establish better indoor air quality IAQ.

IAQ Products That Improve Home Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality products work with a home’s heating and air conditioning systems to treat pollutants as air circulates through living areas. These systems address common air quality problems so home occupants experience fewer symptoms of poor indoor air. With the right indoor air quality solutions, improve the health and comfort of your family by addressing the pollutants causing disruption in your home.

To establish good indoor air quality, you need to reduce pollutant levels, balance humidity levels, and achieve proper ventilation. Thomas Galbraith’s air quality experts recommend specific indoor air quality products to achieve this goal. One or more IAQ solutions may be implemented to provide improved control over home air pollutants.

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