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Enclosed behind the walls, and normally left unnoticed, air ducts function as the pathways which move conditioned air away from the heating and air conditioning equipment to the home’s interiors. Every air duct section operates backstage just about all year, while any HVAC unit or furnace is on.

As with most any surface within a home, dust and matter gather on the inside your HVAC system’s ducts. Once dirt comes to rest on areas in the HVAC air duct, there is certainly the opportunity for this material to recirculate again within the home’s living spaces – air constantly cycles inside the duct system while the HVAC systems work.

Duct cleaning cleans unwanted impurities to preserve air duct integrity and provide less polluted, more cozy living spaces with better indoor air quality. That said, the air duct cleaning procedure is a bit more involved than dusting your home furnishings. Trained HVAC air ducts cleaners perform advanced cleaning methods using tools to remove contaminant matter resting inside the duct while preventing the debris from moving to your indoor air and living spaces.

Air ducts cleaning consists of cleaning various components of the air ducts; the supply and return air ducts; vent cleaning of registers, grills and diffusers; and specialized cleaning of important components including heat exchangers and evaporator coils. A Williams Comfort Air duct cleaning specialist works using proven methods to eliminate dust and grime within the insides of tough-to-access duct sections inside air circulation systems.

Get rid of undercover dust, pollutants, allergen particles, and contaminants in your home’s air, which are a prevalent yet hidden cause of discomfort and poor indoor air quality inside of Indianapolis homes – call us now to set up a duct cleaning consultation.

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Why Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

The duct cleaning procedure cleans debris which exist inside of the HVAC air duct system. These solutions don’t just produce spotless HVAC duct systems – air duct cleaning generates many pros for the family. What seems like straightforward cleaning services offers numerous improvements for better living inside your home. Indianapolis residents agree duct cleaning is an HVAC service which is surely worth scheduling.

Better Air Quality

Better air quality inside is an essential result of duct system cleaning. The home’s air supply is normally laden with pollutants that trigger allergic reactions and also promote illnesses. As air moves through a home, airflow moves these contaminants around rooms and up inside the duct system. In the same way your shelves get dusty, particles drop from the air and rest on the interior surfaces of a duct. The continuous movement of air ensures settled contaminants have countless chances to recirculate back inside rooms, once again negatively impacting the quality of your indoor air.

Air duct cleaning eliminates these dust and debris particles from the house, for good. When we clean out build up from the inside of the ducts, the potential for recirculation is gone at last. A major volume of air pollutants is out of the house and disposed of, so you experience an immediate upgrade in air quality.

More Comfortable & Affordable HVAC

Inside ducts isn’t the only location where pollutants come to rest – if they can travel through the ducts, they can travel inside your heating and cooling units, too. They settle within the furnace or air handler and accumulate on delicate HVAC parts. Inside these systems, contaminant buildup hinders system efficiency and can lead to mold growth, which has adverse impacts on the system, indoor air quality, and the wellbeing of the family inside.

Furnace filters are used to trap dirt and stop pollutants outside of the heating and cooling system. Even so, they simply aren’t going to stop every particle – they definitely can’t do their job when the filter is not replaced regularly.

Cleaning ducts safeguards the home’s heating and cooling equipment from the potential damage created by debris in the system. Sensitive parts inside of the unit now experience minimal contaminant exposure as it’s all been removed from the ducts! Removing this burden allows HVAC systems to operate at their peak performance levels. With far fewer contaminants floating around the home, an HVAC filter will last for a longer time,too, as it will not clog as soon. These elements impact the HVAC system’s efficient consumption of energy – if you ensure there are no burdens placed on these interior components, fuel expenses run lower.

Protect Your HVAC Equipment

When dust, dirt, and other debris come to settle on the inside of heating and cooling equipment, wear and tear accelerates. Parts that wear out at a faster rate cause more frequent breakdowns and repair calls. The years of stress placed on the system erases years of service life. Keep dirt and allergens on the outside of the unit when you make duct cleaning, filter replacements, and scheduled maintenance a priority – these tasks help the system last for a for a longer time, with fewer repair calls along the way. The money you save really adds up, as early replacement for heating and cooling systems is expensive.

Cleaner Home Environment

When the insides of your ducts are nice and clean, the home is rid of allergens that recirculate from the duct system, to your rooms, and back all say long! While beneficial for air quality, rooms are kept  cleaner because there are no more pollutants to land on areas through the across your house while the heating and cooling systems cycle.

Contaminants Found in Your Ducts

There are so many kinds of dirt and particles ultimately settle on the interior walls of the duct runs positioned behind a home’s ceilings, floors, and walls. Practically any fine material which was inside the  home at some time could very well travel through the home and find a resting place on the inside the ducts.

The different contaminants we see in ducts typically changes in each residence we work at. The differences from one residence to another are due to the nuances of family life in each home. Many of the materials we see most frequently in Cincinnati area homes are:

  • Dead skin tissue – The diet of preference for household dust mites.
  • Large amounts of pollutants – A home that is 1500 sqft produces around 40 pounds of particles every year.
  • Dust mites – Just one speck of dust may be home to as many as 40,000 dust mites, as well as other microscopic organisms. Half a used pillow’s typical weight is made up of dust mites.
  • Fungus, mildew, mold, fungi – Air ducts present the perfect conditions for these pathogens to form and extend because of their warm, wet interiors.
  • Smoke from tobacco products – Cigarettes and cigars consist of over 3,600 carcinogens that cling to clothing and release into buildings.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – Many chemicals used to make construction materials and furnishings, dry clean your clothes, and household products we use everyday produce VOCs that are horrible for air quality. That “new” smell from your remodeling project is really the off gassing emitted by VOCs that exist in the home.
  • Insects and bugs – Droppings and waste from many insect varieties trigger hypersensitivity to those who are allergic. are powerful irritants and causes of asthma symptoms. Cockroaches and other bugs in the home pose serious health hazards.
  • Pet hair and dander – Dander is the skin particles that fall of your furry friends. The dander of family pets is a pretty common allergen.

When Is It Time for Duct Cleaning?

Try to determine if your ducts are dirty – it’s a tough task to uncover what’s in there. You won’t be able to see buildup of debris, so it’s important you know how to judge when service is needed. These guidelines and recommendations help Cincinnati homeowners determine when to schedule duct cleaning service/

  • The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) advises you schedule air duct cleaning for your home every three to five years. In some cases, it may need to be sooner, NADCA notes. The circumstances of each home are unique, thanks to variations between residences – HVAC system usage, family lifestyle, your pets, indoor smoking, and other elements can cause more contaminants to impact a home and its ducts.
  • Celebrate any new home with duct cleaning services – doesn’t matter if it’s brand shiny new or only new to you, you want to get those ducts cleaned prior to move-in day, if you can. Clean ducts after remodeling projects, too. Duct cleaning extracts the construction materials and dust particles that circulate on construction sites or removes matter left behind by the former owners which could cause your family members to have allergic reactions.
  • If your house looks dusty all the time even when you’re cleaning daily, something’s not right – the source may be contaminant deposits in the ductwork recirculating across the home. Peak at the vents and registers – are they dust-covered, too? If covers are dirty themselves, take a look down into the duct to see if visible contaminants are present inside.
  • Your HVAC tech is a good source for determining when it’s time to clean ducts. Did your tech tell you about mold found within furnace or air conditioning unit? Anytime there is mold found anywhere in the heating and cooling system, have your ducts cleaned to minimize risks of mold exposure and spread. Air duct clean service ensures your HVAC system doesn’t make you sick.

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