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Water Leak Repair Services for Cincinnati and the Surrounding Area

Cincinnati households utilize water in many different ways, consuming an average of 400 gallons of water per day. Behind every water-consuming chore or activity is a plumbing system that keeps you supplied with fresh water.

When leaks occur in plumbing systems, problems can develop throughout the home. When water escapes the previously contained system, it spills into areas of the home it should not be, causing water damage, mold growth, and other damaging conditions. What’s even more – you’re the one who’s stuck paying for the wasted water that destroyed your home.

Don’t leave leaks to snowball into serious and widespread devastation – you need to call us today!  Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides professional leak repair services.  Our licensed Cincinnati plumbers address your leaking plumbing system quickly and perform emergency repair services that fix the problem while protecting your home.

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You Should Quickly Repair a Water Leak

Leaking water can pose a serious threat to your home. Here are some reasons leak repair needs to be performed right away:

  • Save the cost of wasted water – It is environmentally negligent to leave leaks unrepaired. It’s bad for the Earth and bad for our budgets, as our water bills increase.
  • Prevent damage to your flooring– Gravity pulls water to the floor, trapping it below floorboards, tiles, slabs, and other forms of flooring. If allowed to continue without repair, foundation cracks can result along with mold growth and other serious problems.
  • Save your walls – Much of a home’s plumbing runs within walls. When a pipe starts to leak, surrounding drywall soaks up water and it’s possible the wall could eventually collapse.
  • Avoid mildew issues – Mildew thrives in moist atmospheres. Pooling water in your walls or floors can promote such growth, jeopardizing your health.

Unfortunately, plumbing leaks are not always as obvious as dripping faucets and leaking pipes. There are many types of household leaks hidden underground, leaks in the structure’s slab foundation, as well as leaks behind walls or beneath floors – leaks in such locations persist without discovery for years in some situations due to their inconspicuous locations. If you notice any water leak or have suspicions one is hiding in your home, it is your best option to call in a professional plumber. A plumber is able to identify the source of the leak, recommend effective repair services, and conduct a thorough inspection to seek out any other hidden leaks.

If you see signs that are common indicators of hidden water leaks, including pooling water outside the home, foundation cracks, and other signs that show the presence of water or water damage, call us to request a service appointment for leak repairs. Trust our highly experienced plumbing staff to perform emergency leak detection, finding leaks that cause hidden damage on your property.

Water Leak Warning Signs

Subtle symptoms are sometimes the only warning a Cincinnati homeowner will receive of a hidden water leak. In order to uncover this serious plumbing problem and fix leaking fast before further damage results, you must be aware of the symptoms that provide clues to lingering pipe leaks, slab leaks, and other types of water leaks throughout the home.

  • Your water bills have increased and you can’t figure out why. Changes in usage can often be explained by seasonal shifts, vacations, hosting houseguests, adding appliances, and other known activities that would create an obvious difference in the volume of water your household consumes. Compare the suspect utility statement with the statement from the same month last year to evaluate for weather-related differences. If you still can’t come up with an explanation for the increase in water consumption, it’s pretty safe to assume you have a leak lurking somewhere.
  • The water meter continually runs. Your home’s water meter should run as water is used, and stop ticking when taps are closed and no water-consuming appliances are in use. If the water meter runs even when no one uses water, this is a sign that water is still running somewhere – like out of a leaking pipe.
  • You notice the distinct odor of mold and mildew inside your home. Most Cincinnati homeowners are familiar with the musty odor produced when mold and mildew grow in a space. If this odor is persistent in your home despite regular cleaning, a hidden water leak could be hiding mold growth somewhere in your home.
  • There are visible cracks in the foundation of your home. Some minor cracks occur as a home settles, but there shouldn’t be any new cracks that pop up out of the blue. If you discover a new foundation crack, call your plumber to perform slab leak detection and perform repairs if needed.
  • Footprints of pooled water are present in areas of your home. Are there darkened or damp spots on the floor or wall nearby any household plumbing fixtures? Leaking water collects in these areas, leaving behind a visual clue of its presence.

How to Address Varying Degrees of Water Leaks

From a slight inconvenience to a financial catastrophe with significant property damage, you’ll usually find yourself in one of these three circumstances when you have a water leak. Find out what to do to protect your home in each situation.

Issue #1: A non-damaging leak that costs more money over time.

Minor leaks that haven’t caused damage are an inconvenience more than anything, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It’s likely that the water leak is caused by a fixture or plumbing component that’s not quite right, and you need to spend a bit of time to identify it before you’re able to fix the issue.

Solution: Shut down different water sources one by one across the home – this should help you isolate the leak location and identify the problem fixture or component. If your efforts are unsuccessful, call a leak finding company so a plumber can locate it for you.

Issue #2: A leak that has already caused minimal damage, with the potential to get worse if left unrepaired for too long.

Minimal damage leaks don’t always feel like a big deal, but if you let them go for too long, they’re certainly likely to become one. This scenario often applies to leaks that go unnoticed for periods of time, whether they be pipe leaks hidden behind walls or a slight faucet drip that blends into your home’s usual background noise. Slight leaks from certain appliances like boilers or water heaters could develop into a dangerous situation if not repaired.

Solution: You should turn off the water to your home at the main shutoff valve. Clean up any leaked water you find. Once finished, you need to fix the leak – depending on your DIY plumbing skills, it may be best to call a plumber for professional repairs.

Issue #3: A leak creates significant damage – you need to act right now.

Hopefully, a leak in your home never falls into this category, as these leaks can cause a great deal of damage to your home. Significant damage leaks typically the easiest to identify – you’ll know you have one when your basement is filled like a swimming pool or your staircase has suddenly become a waterfall. Pipe burst and pipe leaks due to frozen pipes, burst washing machine hoses, or a failed tank water heater are all issues that could create damage of this magnitude.

Solution: You need to turn off the water to your home and begin a record of the damage. Call your insurance company to begin the claims process. You’ll need a skilled plumber to make repairs, and he or she can also assist you by uncovering the exact cause of the damage for your insurance claim.

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