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A clogged drain can have serious consequences. The cause of your slow drain could be a clog, or grease buildup in your pipes that is restricting water flow, or numerous other common problems. The problem can also be more serious such as a collapsed sewer pipe. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can get your drain moving again with a drain cleaning, but we will also find out what’s causing the problem. A drain cleaning sometimes just treats the symptom of a larger sewer problem… a problem that can lead to serious damage to your home if not eliminated. 

Backed-up or slow drains are a headache and usually happen at the worst time. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing drain technicians are ready to provide fast drain cleaning service any time you need it. Not only will we clean your drain, but when your sewer drain is the culprit, we will show you the source of the problem with a complementary camera inspection. We’re ready 24-hours a day, 365-days a year to handle your plumbing and drain cleaning problems.

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Do You Need a Drain Cleaning?

Being able to recognize the signs that something has gone wrong with your drain is important for finding fast, effective solutions. Beyond the obvious, there are many clear signs of common drain issues, including:

  • Water backing up. Does water back up when flushing your toilet, or in your sinks, showers, or other plumbing appliances that have a drain? If you notice water backing up, the clog may be caused by a problem with your main sewer line.
  • Standing water. Pools of unpleasant water may begin to spring up in your yard or possibly a basement or similar area. These can be found on sight when in an open area, or if you note a large influx of insects and pests in an area that has an obstructed view.
  • Gurgling. You may have a clog in your drain line if you note an odd, bubbly or “percolating” sound from plumbing appliances when they are in use or at rest. This can occur at the appliance that is currently in-use or at other plumbing equipment when large water-using appliances are working. For example, your toilet may gurgle when the dishwasher is running. 
  • Foul odors. The unmistakable smell of a sewer line leak can hardly go unnoticed. Often when a clog has gotten particularly large, you can begin to note this unpleasant smell permeating areas of the home.

Our drain cleaning professionals can unclog your:

  • Main sewer line
  • Bathtub and shower drain
  • Washing machine
  • Kitchen sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Toilet

We’ll snake the drain line to clear it, but a drain cleaning is not the only solution to all drain problems. If there are any signs that the source of the clog is in the main sewer line, we’ll use a camera to inspect, locate, and show you the problem. 

Drain Cleaning Repair

We’ll utilize a high-tech video drain camera that can show us what’s going on in your main sewer pipes. This camera makes it easier to find the source of the drain problem you’re experiencing. We can locate the problem area and identify the best process to fix it. It may be a repair, but it also could be a more in depth process of replacing the pipe.

Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Clog Prevention: the effects of a clog such as water backing up or draining slowly can manifest themselves in an individual fixture or multiple fixtures at the same time. When many drains are affected, it typically indicates you have a clog in your main drain system. Here are some things you can do to prevent clogs from occurring.

  • Clean drain stoppers and use a hair-straining drain trap.
  • Don’t flush materials that do not dissolve or break apart in water such as feminine products or baby wipes.
  • Don’t dispose of grease or oil down your drains.
  • Be sure your plumbing vent pipe on your roof remains free of obstructions.

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