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Sewer pipes are an essential part of any home’s infrastructure, transporting wastewater safely away. Over time, the pipe system can become damaged, often as a result of corrosion or tree roots.

When this happens, sewer repair can be costly and disruptive. One way to avoid these problems is to use pipelining instead of traditional trenching for repairing drain lines. Pipelining is a repair method that uses the lining process, in which a new epoxy pipe is inserted into the damaged one. The new sewer pipe is then inflated, pressing it against the walls of the old pipe. This creates a tight seal that can help to prevent leaking and restore the flow of water. The pipe-coating epoxy cures to form a well-fitting replacement pipe. Pipe lining can often be used to repair small areas of damage, saving time and turning out to be more cost-effective than other sewer repair techniques.

Do you have a problem with your home’s drain piping system? If so, sewer lining may be the right solution to your troubles. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is a Cincinnati pipe lining company that performs the pipe lining process to repair damaged pipe-draining waste from homes around the Cincinnati area. Our team of licensed Cincinnati plumbers perform a sewer camera inspection to assess the pipe and can let you know if your home’s piping is a good candidate for trenchless sewer pipe lining. Call us today to schedule an estimate for sewer repair services!

Causes of Damage to Sewer Lines

Several different things can cause damage to your home sewer line. One common cause is tree roots. As trees grow, their roots can extend far underground, and if they come into contact with your sewer line, they can cause cracks or breaks.

Another possible cause of sewer line damage is ground movement. This can be caused by things like earthquakes or sinkholes. If the ground shifts, it can put stress on your sewer line, leading to cracks or breaks. And finally, sewer lines can be damaged by simple wear and tear over time. This is especially true if they’re made of materials like clay or cast iron, which are prone to cracking and breaking.

If you’re worried about damage to your home sewer line, there are a few things you can do to help prevent it. First, have your sewer line inspected regularly to check for any potential problems. Second, make sure that any trees on your property are well-trimmed and not too close to your sewer line.

About Pipe Lining Repairs

A lateral sewer pipe is a pipe that connects a home’s drains to the main sewer line. Lateral sewer pipes are typically made of clay, concrete, or PVC, and they range in diameter from four to six inches. When lateral sewer pipes become damaged, repairs are necessary to restore proper drainage.

Pipe lining is a type of sewer repair that involves lining the existing pipe with a new pipe. This new pipe is usually made of plastic or a composite material. Pipe lining can be used to repair pipes that are cracked, root-damaged, or otherwise in need of repair. The new pipe is placed inside the old pipe and then inflated. This expands the new pipe so that it presses against the old pipe. Once the new pipe is in place, it is sealed and left to cure. After it has cured, the new pipe will provide a new, smooth surface for waste to travel through. Pipe lining is an effective and efficient way to repair sewer pipes without having to dig up and replace the existing pipe.

Sewer pipes are an essential part of any plumbing system, but they can be susceptible to damage over time. One common problem is corrosion, which can occur when the pipes are exposed to water or chemicals. This can cause the pipes to become brittle and break. In addition, tree roots can grow into sewer pipes and cause blockages. The pipe lining process can be used to fix both of these problems.

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Benefits of Sewer Repair with Sewer Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is an excellent sewer repair alternative to traditional pipe repair methods that involve digging up existing pipes and replacing the damaged pipe. Instead of installing a new sewer pipe, sewer pipe lining places a cured-in-place pipe right inside the existing pipes through existing access points – no trenching required!

Choosing a pipe lining company for these sewer repair services offers many advantages to Cincinnati area homeowners, such as saving time and money, gaining durable repairs to the piping system, and minimal disruption to your property.

Warning Signs for Sewer Repairs

Your home’s sewer line is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system, and it’s important to keep it in good working condition. However, sewer lines can be susceptible to damage from tree roots, ground movement, and other factors.

If you suspect that your sewer line requires repair, there are a few signs to look out for. For example, if your toilets are frequently clogging or backing up, that could be a sign that your sewer line is blocked. You may also notice that your drains are draining more slowly than usual, or that there is sewage backup in your home. If you see any of these signs, it’s important to contact a plumber as soon as possible to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs.

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Sewer pipe lining is a trenchless repair method that can fix your sewer line without the need to dig up your yard. This process uses a cured-in-place liner to restore the structural integrity of your sewer pipe and stop leaks. If you’re experiencing sewage backups or poor drainage, give us a call today for an estimate for our sewer pipe lining services. We have many years of experience repairing sewers and would be happy to help you get your system back up and running.

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