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Heat Pump Tune-Up Service
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Cincinnati Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Your home’s heat pump is essential to keep your family safe and warm throughout the year. Since heat pumps function as both heating and cooling systems, heat pump maintenance is vital. If you are unfamiliar with precisely what your heat pump system needs for proper maintenance, you are not alone.

Many homeowners struggle with how to care for heat pump systems. Fortunately, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers preventative maintenance, as well as heat pump repair services to keep your system in great shape. Additionally, our NATE-certified professionals are standing by to provide heat pump maintenance tips to help you best care for your unit.

Routine heat pump maintenance from a qualified, licensed professional is an essential key to keeping your heat pump system in excellent condition all year long. Additionally, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to help to keep your heat pump in good repair: keep your outdoor unit free from dirt, debris, and yard clippings; change your air filter regularly; and call Thomas and Galbraith for any repairs your system may need.

To schedule heat pump maintenance or repairs for your home, or for more information about your potential heat pump maintenance cost, contact Thomas & Galbraith today.

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Benefits of Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance

It may not be the easiest thing to do, but there are several benefits to keeping a well-maintained heat pump unit. Due to their heavy workload, the heat pump in your home should receive preventative maintenance twice a year; once for the cooling aspect and then a second time for the heating system. It may seem like a bit much, but with all that heat pumps do for your family each year, it is crucial to keep them running well. Benefits of preventative heat pump maintenance include:

Decreased Need for Repairs

Did you know that you can prevent up to 70% of repairs with preventative maintenance? During a routine maintenance exam, a licensed HVAC technician from the Thomas & Galbraith team will work through our heat pump maintenance checklist and catch any problems your system may have before they start. Taking the time to lubricate motors, ensure unrestricted airflow, and check electrical connections through regular maintenance does a lot to decrease the need for future repairs.

Homeowners experience several common problems with their heat pumps, which can be avoided entirely with proper maintenance. For example, a heat pump without adequate airflow to the outdoor coils-potentially due to dirt or debris- will not function as an air conditioning unit. Dirty evaporator coils or a clogged condensate drain can also cause significant issues. Instead of dealing with big problems down the line, regular maintenance of your heat pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions (twice yearly) is crucial.

Improve Overall Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your heat pump has a direct effect on how much you will pay each month on utility costs. You can reduce your energy bill by ensuring that your unit has correct electric control over all components of the heat pump. Energy consumption depends on appropriate electrical wiring to electric terminals, correct thermostat operation, and a well-controlled blower wheel and fan motors from your programmable thermostat.

During a routine maintenance exam, your HVAC technician will tighten connections and ensure that the automated technology in your heat pump has appropriate and proper function. A well-maintained heat pump will be energy efficient for every heating and cooling season for years to come.

Have you ever tried to drive your car a long distance after a year of no oil changes? The engine probably wouldn’t run very smoothly, right? Similarly, it is unwise to force your heat pump system to work all season long without any maintenance. If the system is filthy, it will simply not function properly, potentially causing significant problems in the process. Even if it does somehow struggle through a heating or cooling season, you will probably notice an increase in your energy bills due to all of the extra effort a dirty system requires.

Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC system in your home can greatly affect your indoor air quality. The air flow through your indoor unit is directly affected by clean outdoor coils and the air filters throughout your home. Without appropriate replacement of the air filter in your home, the entire heat pump system can become bogged down to the point where you may need a new system.

Changing your filters regularly can help you always have a system ready to work throughout a cooling or heating season. Indoor air quality can also affect the health of your family members. Your heat pump system can stir up the air in your house, and if it is not filtered correctly, your family members may actually begin to feel a difference.

Individuals who suffer from allergies, respiratory diseases, or asthma may begin to sneeze, cough, or become ill whenever your heating or cooling system turns on. Improve your home’s indoor air quality by changing filters regularly. If you are not familiar with your air filters or how to change them, our technicians will be more than happy to show you how at your next regular maintenance appointment.

Extend the Lifespan of Your System

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your heat pump installation. Our expert team provides heat pump service to all major brands. We will perform a comprehensive exam each and every maintenance visit, including monitoring proper drainage, checking for refrigerant leaks from reversing valves, and a deep clean of your outdoor unit. Preventative maintenance will help you to keep your system running strong for years to come. Instead of just hoping that your system lasts for several more years, take the necessary steps to ensure its success with regular maintenance.

Let Us Handle the Details with a Maintenance Plan

Regular heat pump tune up visits are pretty affordable, but signing up for a maintenance plan can give you additional savings and benefits. Your membership will cover that biannual heat pump tune ups, and you receive other advantages by joining. Benefits include:

  • Priority scheduling
  • System diagnostic savings
  • Repair discounts
  • Savings on HVAC equipment
  • Extended warranties on labor

Your home’s maintenance plan will eliminate the hassle of making sure exams are scheduled consistently. We will call you when it is time for another maintenance exam and even give you priority scheduling. A heat pump maintenance plan could be just what you have been looking for!

Common Heat Pump Maintenance Questions

There is a lot to know about heat pump maintenance, and our technicians get frequent questions. In an effort to help you feel better qualified to take care of your heat pump system, here are a few answers to commonly asked questions.

How Frequently Should My System Be Checked?

The heat pump in your home serves as both the air conditioning and heating element that attempts to keep the house at thermostat settings throughout the year. If you think about a regular HVAC system, both the air conditioning and furnace need to be serviced yearly. It makes sense that your heat pump would require two visits a year to maintain each element of your home’s HVAC system.

Each season puts a significant strain on your heat pump since it usually runs around the clock to keep your family comfortable. One of the most important heat pump maintenance tips that you can get from Thomas & Galbraith is to have the entire system checked twice a year.

When Should My Pump Be Serviced?

As previously stated, your heat pump will need two maintenance exams per year from the HVAC professional in your service area. The professionals at Thomas & Galbraith recommend heat pump services tuned up before each significant cooling or heating season. Most homeowners choose to get their first maintenance exam in the spring to ensure that the air conditioning function of their heat pump is in good shape for the summer.

Additionally, a preventative maintenance exam in the early fall can ensure that your family will have a well-functioning heat pump throughout the cold winter. Should you need heat pump repair services or other HVAC repairs, getting early maintenance will help you prepare for the cooling or heating season with plenty of time to spare.

What is Done During a Heat Pump Maintenance Exam?

During a preventative maintenance exam, a NATE-certified technician from Thomas & Galbraith will work their way through a heat pump maintenance checklist to ensure your system is in great condition for the next time the thermostat calls for a cycle. In addition to checking all major HVAC systems, our team will also perform these essential maintenance tasks:

  • Checking air filters and air filtration components
  • Verifying indoor coil cleanliness
  • Checking refrigerant levels (including correct refrigerant charge)
  • Looking for signs of duct leakage
  • Defrost cycle functionality
  • Inspect belts and compressors
  • Cleaning the blower wheel and fan blades
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Testing thermostat system controls

For more information on what services will be performed during your heat pump maintenance visit, call one of the knowledgeable professionals at Thomas & Galbraith.

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