Sewer Replacement Services in Cincinnati

Sewer Replacement Services for Homes in the Cincinnati, Ohio Area

Unfortunately for homeowners, it isn’t all that uncommon to experience a collapsed, cracked, or burst sewer line. You will reach the point when line repair is no longer a choice and line replacement is the only option.

If you experience sewer problems and need sewer line replacement, count on the certified plumbing experts at Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to handle your pipe replacement. Our team has over a decade of experience using top-of-the-line trenchless sewer technology and products to provide fast, effective sewer line replacement for your Cincinnati home.

When you need replacement for sewage pipes, don’t waste time on an unreliable plumber, suffer through bad service, or pay high charges for shoddy work. Call Thomas & Galbraith for sewer replacement services you can trust!

Sewer backups are no fun for any homeowner. If you’ve recently had a sewer backup, it won’t be the last time – but it can be if you choose to install new sewerage pipes. We are committed to providing prompt, competent sewer line installation and replacement.

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What to Know Before Replacing Your Sewer Lines

Home plumbing systems have two parts. Supply plumbing makes sure there is clean water coming in while the sewer plumbing sends wastewater out of the home to city sewer lines.

When a sewer line becomes blocked or damaged, other areas of the system experience related problems. Watch out for water backing up in fixtures, pooling water around basement drains, or gurgling sounds coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains. These signs are indicators of issues with the home’s sewer pipes.

An initial video inspection is recommended to find problems affecting the sewer line so we can determine if repairing sewer lines is enough to provide a fix. The results of video inspection allow us to outline the possibilities, including repairing sewer lines if appropriate or moving ahead to replacement of your sewer line.

Do I Need Sewer Line Repair or Line Replacement?

When a sewer line sustains permanent damage, issues such as clogs or poor drainage will never resolve until that damage is corrected. Because pipe damage creates similar symptoms as clogs, homeowners have a hard time telling between repair replacement needs.

It can be appropriate to repair sewer lines if the issue is minor and fixable. When pipes become permanently compromised, pipe replacement is the only viable solution. Watch for these signs that can indicate permenant sewer pipe damage:

  • Pools of water in the yard. If a sewer line break allows large volumes of wastewater to seep up and pool in the yard, there is no doubt sewer line replacement is necessary. The old pipe no longer has the capacity to properly hold in and direct wastewater to the sewer.
  • Sewer odors inside or around your property. Sewer pipe damage is often discovered due to family members detecting strong sewer smells, either inside living areas or outside around the house. Exposure to sewer gas can be dangerous, so these pipe problems need to be corrected immediately.
  • Consistent poor drainage from fixtures. When all tubs, showers, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures consistently suffer from slow draining, the issue is often traced back to the sewer pipe. Sewer line repair can resolve source issue such as clogs, but when pipe damage causes poor drainage, pipe replacement is preferred.

When you notice any of the symptoms of sewer line issues, call your plumber right away. Sewer line replacement is one of the bigger jobs a plumber performs, but new methods make it so this task is not disruptive to your home or family. Trenchless sewer technology allows underground pipes to be replaced with little disturbance above ground. No digging, no destroyed flower beds, no dirty mess.

Reasons for Sewer Line Damage

Drain problems develop for many different reasons. When left unresolved for too long, the need for sewer replacement will arise. Sewer lines often sustain damage due to these sources:

Tree roots

Nearby tree roots are naturally attracted to the buried sewer pipe as a water source. The roots eventually make contact with the line and break through the pipe which causes damage to the pipe itself as well as clogs within.

Temperature fluctuations

The ground and soil surrounding an underground pipe can be largely affected by temperature changes outdoors. Sudden spikes in temperature from cold to warm create shifting which can disrupt the pipe and cause it to break.


Sewer pipes catch all kinds of grease and muck over the years, which sticks to the interior walls of the line. Pipe corrosion due to the age of the pipe causes potential drainage restrictions. Clogs place pressure on pipe walls and can eventually cause damage.

Pipe deterioration

No sewer pipes were built to last indefinitely. Older cast iron, clay, and PVC pipes are all susceptible to deterioration over time. When the aged sewer pipes cause problems in the home, it’s time to replace them.

The above factors as well as typical wear and tear can break down a sewer line, causing the need for replacement. To ensure the success of your new sewer pipe installation, work with a plumbing company that has the necessary experience to do the job right while protecting the integrity of the new pipes.

Sewer Replacement Solutions for Cincinnati Homeowners

Choosing Between Trenched or Trenchless Replacement Methods

The location of your home as well as the layout of your sewer pipe system tells your plumber which pipe replacement methods are a viable when installing new sewer pipes. To determine the possible options as well as our recommendation, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing must assess your home and the property along with your sewer line’s current issues.

When repairing sewer line problems isn’t an option, carefully evaluate your options for sewer line replacement before making a decision. Trenchless sewer line replacement is the most popular option today compared to traditional trenching to replace sewer pipes. It is less invasive and can be completed faster.

Trenching involves digging into the ground on your property. Excavation of driveway pavement or even parts of the nearby road might be required to access pipes for replacement. This method can cause a lot of destruction and generate more expenses to restore the property and nearby fixtures. By removing the old pipe out of the ground, a byproduct of traditional pipe replacement is waste which adds contaminated materials to landfills.

Trenchless sewer replacement achieves the same final results in terms of the new pipe installation for your home. However, the job is done without creating the mess and hassle that comes with digging. This method is more environmentally friendly and creates no waste – the old pipe stays in place. Homeowners are not forced to spend hours restoring the look of their lawn and landscaping due to digging damage, nor do they have to deal with concrete repairs or finding the money to pay the city for damage caused to the nearby roadway.

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