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Water Softener Installation and Repair throughout the Cincinnati Area

Testing by HomeWater 101 shows hard water affects 85 percent of the United States. Cincinnati is known for some of the hardest water in the country. The installation of water softeners provides homes with softened water that feels and flows better without excess minerals.

Learn more about hard water below and the reasons why you should install a water softener in your Cincinnati area home. Call Thomas & Galbraith for a free estimate on installation of water softeners for your household.

The Hard Water Problem and How It Affects You

The hardness of water is measured by the concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water supply. When high levels of both minerals are found within well water or municipal water, it is said to be hard water.

Where does hard water get its name? Ask anyone who has installation a water softener system – you can feel the difference on your skin! With calcium present in water, soap reacts differently and creates soap scum. When using hard water to clean and bathe, tasks take more soap or detergent. Thus the term hard water, as it is hard to do the washing in.

Other ways hard water affects your household includes:

  • Mineral scale settles in the water heater, reducing its service life
  • Scale in the water heater limits the unit’s energy efficiency because the mineral deposits cannot effectively conduct heat. Thus, your water heating expenses climb higher.
  • More mineral scale on bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
  • Less soapy action during wash cycles produce dull, dingy-looking clothing.
  • Clothes take on a harsh or stiff feeling due to mineral deposits.
  • Clothes need to be replaced more frequently due to minerals.
  • Difficult to clean dishes, as they remain spotty without softening of water.
  • Coffee and tea may taste unappealing.
  • Mineral buildup in plumbing lines reduces water pressure and water flow.
  • Dry skin due to invisible film left behind.
  • Hair feels dull due to more shampoo residue.

If you see any of the hard water signs above present in your home, contact Thomas & Galbraith today. For just $17, a water quality expert completes an analysis of your home’s well water or municipal water supply. This analysis offers more information beyond hardness to provide new inside into your water source.

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Cincinnati Water Softener Experts

As home to some of the country’s hardest water, the addition of a water softener is quite important for Cincinnati area residents. By trading hard minerals for soft potassium or sodium, water softener systems deliver great protections for area homes.

In addition to installation, we provide repairs and maintenance for existing water softeners. These services work to improve the water softening process and the condition of your home’s plumbing system. When issues arise with flow rate, water flow, and more, call Thomas & Galbraith for the fast, reliable expert help you need.

Benefits Delivered by Softer Water

As home to some of the nation’s hardest water, installation of water softeners produces noticeable benefits for Cincinnati homeowners. Exchanging hard calcium and magnesium for softer potassium or sodium results in water supply that is nicer to use, helps you conserve supplies, and overall more enjoyment from your home’s water.

  1. Save clothes. Materials won’t wear out as quick without the presence of hard minerals in the water supply. Without soft water fabric feels rough and uncomfortable.
  2. Conserve supplies. With softer water, cut back on the amount of soap used for laundry and personal bathing. With better lathering in soft water, you’ll use less soap across the board which generates savings for your household.
  3. Increase appliance service life. Every water-using appliance in your home is impacted by hard water – minerals settle inside and one day will cause the system to fail. When water is softened, that’s less likely, so you can protect your washer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and other appliances with water softener installation.
  4. Better tasting water. The presence of hard water minerals makes the water taste bad to some people. Adding a water softener improves household water quality, helping you drink more water and spend less on treated water.
  5. Eliminate water spots. Dishes look clean and spot-free with less soap in soft water. Plus, they won’t take as long to clean.
  6. Less cleaning required. With more efficient lathering, less soap is needed for all general cleaning tasks. Chores don’t take the same amount of time as they do when hard water is used.
  7. Boost water heater. With a water softener that removes hard minerals through ion exchange, your water heater isn’t prone to minerals piling up inside. Your water heater will last longer and cost less to operate.
  8. Protect plumbing. Water softeners help plumbing pipes stay in service longer by eliminating the buildup of magnesium and calcium. The improved longevity of the home’s plumbing infrastructure and appliances make the price tag of a new water softener quite worth it.
  9. Improve skin. With soft water, you’ll experience less skin irritation. Soft water may be helpful for those with eczema and dry skin conditions.
  10. Quick return on investment. A water softener helps you reduce energy consumption and product consumption in multiple ways. The savings generated through this system can be enough to pay for itself over just a few short years!

How Much Is a Whole House Water Softener System?

Installation of a water softener system for your home is definitely worth it when area water is so naturally hard. The cost to have a professional plumber install a water softener that treats all water coming into a home is typically a few thousand dollars.

Before purchase, many Cincinnati homeowners want to know how long they can expect a water heater to last. While the expected service life ranges between different types of softening systems, expect them to last between 10 and 20 years. Our plumbing team will help you find the best water softener for your household’s needs – contact us today.

Water Softener Inspections by a Cincinnati Plumber

A home’s water softener system needs to be inspected regularly to ensure proper performance in the home. When you schedule an inspection with our plumbing team, a water quality expert assesses the following points of your system to ensure overall high performance.

  • Check salt levels and bridges
  • Check safety float functionality
  • Water test before & after system
  • Check time, regeneration, cycle settings
  • Check flow rate
  • Check salt dosage setting
  • Valve, motor, bypass functionality inspection
  • Backwash performance inspection
  • Rinse performance inspection
  • Brine tank draw performance inspection
  • Brine tank re-fill performance inspection
  • Check resin beads and ion exchange

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