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Anything you drop or is flushed down a drain, whether it be in your bathroom or kitchen, must be able to flow through your home sewer line in order to reach the city sewer for disposal. The sewer line is the largest portion of pipe in your home’s plumbing system – every drain line in the home eventually leads to the sewer pipes.

There are many things washed down the drains of the home that lead to clogs in the sewer line. Food, grease, hair, paper products, foreign items, and more collect in a sewer pipe and potentially accumulate to a size that completely blocks the flow of wastewater. Sewer pipes can also be clogged due to outside intrusions such as tree roots and soil that sifts it into the pipe through cracks. These materials also accumulate and reach the point where they restrict drainage.

Sewer line repairs are an involved job requiring access to pipes buried underground on your property. When you need sewer line repair, turn to an experienced plumbing company to protect the integrity of your home’s sewer lines and ensure the new repair performs as expected. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing employs licensed plumbers who are fully equipped for repairing sewer line problems including clogs and damaged pipe. From line repair to trenchless repair replacement service, the plumbers of Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are ready to assist you. Night or day, we offer emergency service to help you avoid major plumbing mishaps.

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We Repair Sewer Lines for Cincinnati Residents

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers sewer services beyond drain cleaning. From clog removal to repair replacement, our plumbers and do it all. To determine the services needed to correct your plumbing problem, you need a plumbing company with the knowledge and skill to accurately diagnose any problem that exists in your home sewer line.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is that plumbing company. We perform a comprehensive range of sewer line repairs to address any problem that can occur with these underground pipes.

  • Sewer line backup. Over time, grease, toilet paper, food particles, and more can gather within a pipe and restrict water movement through the sewer. When a clog forms and blocks sewage from exiting the line, it has no place else to go up back into the home. If you’re lucky, only water backs up in the drains – if you’re not, there could be sewage that comes up from your tub drain, floor drain, or sink drain.
  • Tree root intrusions. The roots of trees and shrubs seek out sources of water. Your underground sewer pipes might be their closest source, which pulls the roots in the pipe’s direction. Roots can be powerful enough to break through the pipe’s exterior to access wastewater running inside. Roots continue to expand inside the pipe and catch materials from the waste, which can create a clog.
  • Sewer gas odor. When the noxious odor of sewer gas can be detected inside the home, this is a clear sign of damage in the sewer pipe. The sanitary sewer system must be airtight in this piping so sewage flows out of the home properly and home occupants are protected from sewer gas exposure. When sewer gas escapes into the home, the family faces serious health risks due to exposure.
  • Bellied pipes. As soil shifts, sections of a sewer pipe can sag. A dip or valley is created in the pipe which allows debris to settle in this low-lying area. Materials eventually build up to form a clog.
  • Burst pipes. Underground sewer pipes sustain damage when soil freezes, shifts, or settles. This movement can cause the pipe to crack or collapse, and through these openings, sewage is able to seep into surrounding soil. Soil, small rocks, and tree roots also have a clear path into the piping which opens up the door for clogs to form.
  • Pipe corrosion. As the years go on, sewer pipes break down. In their damaged state, blockages form and wastewater flow is restricted. These pipes don’t last forever and do need to be replaced so the home has a properly functioning sewer system.
  • Sewage on the lawn. Leaks in the underground sewer pipes may produce a lush, extremely fertile area in the yard. Grass is greener and lush in contrast to the surrounding lawn. This is due to the additional nutrients it is receiving from sewer waste. Leaks need to be repaired to avoid soil contamination and drainage problems in the home.
  • Older and off grade piping. Throughout history, different materials were used for home sewer piping. Over time, certain materials have fallen out of favor as new materials are introduced. Older pipes need to be replaced before they begin to break down and cause drainage problems in the home.

Emergency Sewer Line Repair for Cincinnati Area Homes

Many issues can affect a home sewer line, though certain ones require fast attention from a plumbing professional. When a sewer line emergency occurs, call a qualified plumber to examine your pipes and make fast repairs. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing always has a plumber available on call to assist you when such situations arise. We are available to perform all types of sewer repairs, from drain cleaning to trenchless repairs and replacement.

Maintenance for Cincinnati Sewer Lines

Sewer line maintenance can be quite simple. The main thing you need to know is to keep inappropriate materials out of your drains. Use drain traps to catch hair and food particles so they are not washed into the pipes. Only flush human waste and toilet paper, while disposing of feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, and other paper products in the trashcan. Don’t be fooled by products advertised as flushable, as they typically do not break down well.

If you’re looking for a safe product that can help you maintain your plumbing drain lines, Bio Clean offers protection without harsh chemicals. Bacteria and enzymes are used to digest organic waste built up in your sewer system. This product helps to remove matter such as hair, food, soap scum, paper, plus more. Eliminate these materials to reduce the risk of clogs and sewer line repair.

Cincinnati Sewer Line Replacement

Some sewer issues cannot be resolved through drain cleaning or repair. These buried pipes do not last forever and eventually must be replaced. A clog may be present, but a more complicated issue could be contributing. To uncover these situations, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing uses video camera inspection technology to see into the home’s sewer pipes. We can visualize collapsed, sagging, broken, and cracked pipes, as well as root penetrations and other complicated sewer issues.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has our plumbers thoroughly assess your sewer before suggesting replacement options. We take the time to explain how our suggestions solve your problem, so you feel completely comfortable with the work we perform. We are happy to discuss the advantages of trenchless replacement as well as other options if they are a good fit for your needs.

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