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Cincinnati Heating Tune-up Service

It’s safe to say that the HVAC system lies at the heart of home comfort in any Cincinnati area residence. To ensure any heating and air conditioning system can do its job properly, maintenance is a necessity. Heating maintenance keeps any furnace, heat pump, or boiler working at its very best throughout our chilly Midwestern winters.

At Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, servicing HVAC equipment is what we do. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians perform thorough heating service for residential heating and HVAC system units throughout the Greater Cincinnati area and the surrounding communities. Ensure your heating system is running at its best and able to deliver the warmth and comfort your family relies on this winter – call us to schedule your annual tune-up and furnace maintenance today!

Heating Maintenance for Cincinnati Homeowners

In the Cincinnati area, temperatures can dip in the blink of an eye once we reach a certain point in the year. Once the air becomes a little too chilly for comfort, it’s time for the home’s heating system to get to work! To ensure your home’s HVAC equipment is in top shape and ready to carry your household comfortably through the winter, experts highly recommend furnace maintenance each year.

HVAC servicing ensures the system’s maintenance needs are met, keeping all components in good condition so they can function with ease. When you trust the Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing heating technicians with your heating system maintenance needs each year, you provide your home’s most valuable equipment with the care it needs for ongoing performance and energy efficiency.

  • A tune-up for your furnace, heat pump, or boiler ensures all system components are functioning properly and are in good shape to deliver precision warmth throughout your home over the late fall, winter, and early spring seasons.
  • When annual heating maintenance is performed on a regular yearly basis, you reduce the likelihood of needed heating repair services – issues that create the potential for mechanical failures are identified and corrected before they lead to a breakdown and heating outages.
  • When you have an HVAC professional service furnace and heating equipment yearly, energy-efficient performance is maintained, which is reflected through lower heating expenses and utility bills throughout the cold season.
  • With regular maintenance, you’re likely to add time to the service life of your heating system, which maximizes return on equipment investment and saves you money on system replacement.

Service HVAC Heating Units to Prevent Repair Problems!

All mechanical systems require routine service and care in order to maintain performance levels. Think about your furnace or heat pump care needs as you would your vehicle’s – you wouldn’t drive your car for 100,000 miles without oil changes or tune-ups, so don’t let your heating system perform equivalent work without necessary maintenance care.

Heating systems are heavily relied on by Cincinnati households, as Midwestern winters can bring some severely cold temperatures and wild weather variations. Homeowners invest good money to equip their homes with reliable heating and cooling equipment, and the investment should not end once installation is complete. Maintenance services each season require a minor investment, but the benefits this service provides protect your home’s most valuable player, where comfort is concerned!

Each heating season, the HVAC system does a lot of work. Normal operation places components and the system as a whole under stress which results in wear and tear. Over time, wear and tear will add up and begin to cause performance problems and breakdowns if not remedied with preventive maintenance each year.

With regular maintenance for your home’s heating equipment, you are able to:

  • Reduce the Need for Repair Service and the Resulting Expenses
  • Keep Your Heating System in Service Longer
  • Improve Heating Performance for Better Comfort Your Family Will Enjoy
  • Preserve System Energy Efficiency for Lower Monthly Utility Bills Throughout the Heating Season
  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranty Coverage by Upholding System Maintenance Terms

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How Often Should Heating Maintenance Be Performed?

HVAC equipment manufacturers and industry experts highly recommend annual service for all heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and other residential heating units. Consider how frequently your heating and cooling system operates throughout the hottest and coldest months – with around-the-clock operation, it’s easy to understand why service is necessary.

Professional furnace maintenance is a once-yearly task that ensures your heating unit is in top shape, free of issues that could lead to malfunctions during operation, and ready to heat your home reliably through the coming months.

Beyond the yearly tune-up, Cincinnati homeowners need to perform routine maintenance tasks to further protect the heating system and boost its performance:

  • The system air filter needs to be changed regularly. The right interval for air filter changes depends on the type of filter, system usage, and other factors specific to your household. Check the filter manufacturer’s recommendations and examine your filter monthly to determine when it is due for a change. Regular filter changes keep the system cleaner so sensitive components are protected, and help improve air quality inside your residence.

  • Heating equipment requires good airflow for proper operation. All vents and registers in the home should be open and uncovered. The area surrounding the indoor furnace or air handler should be clear – do not store items up against the equipment. If a heat pump is used to heat the home, the outdoor unit should be inspected regularly – clear away any debris stuck against its exterior, remove vegetation growing around it, and keep outdoor items at least two feet away.

When to Perform Furnace Maintenance and Service

Service is needed each year for heating units, but when is the right time to schedule maintenance services? The ideal time for a heating tune-up is late summer or early fall before it’s time to turn on the home’s heat. HVAC pros recommend this time of year for service to ensure the system is in top shape before it needs to be used and so there is ample time to identify and make repairs to any system issues that could manifest in a breakdown or damage to components.

When your heating maintenance is completed before cold weather hits, you can be confident in your furnace or heat pump when it’s time to turn it on for the season. If you don’t have the opportunity to schedule service before the start of the heating season, that’s ok! Never skip a yearly tune-up – service is still beneficial for your system even if you’ve already started it up for the season.

True Comfort Membership

When you join Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s True Comfort Membership program, your home’s heating and cooling systems are guaranteed to receive the professional maintenance care they need each season. Beyond regular maintenance tune-ups, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing True Comfort Membership customers also receive valuable savings for any additional HVAC services required throughout the year.

Starting at just $18/month, heating and cooling membership includes the following benefits:

  • 1 Annual Heating Maintenance Tune-Up
  • 1 Annual Cooling Maintenance Tune-Up
  • Access to 24/7 Emergency Service With No Overtime Charges
  • 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 15% Discount on All HVAC Repairs
  • 15% Discount on Indoor Air Quality Equipment
  • 5% Discount on New HVAC Equipment (+Accruals)
  • Free Diagnostic Services With Repair
  • $20 Discount on Diagnostics Without Repair

Find out more about our True Comfort Membership plans and join today for quality services and excellent HVAC savings!

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