Best HVAC Repair Services for Greater Cincinnati

HVAC Repairs for Heating and Cooling Systems in the Greater Cincinnati Area

When the furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC system in your Cincinnati house doesn’t seem to be heating and cooling properly or efficiently, it’s a sign you need to contact an HVAC repair professional for services. HVAC repairs correct issues with air conditioning systems, heating system equipment, and all types of residential HVAC units.

Cincinnati homeowners turn to Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for fast, reliable repair service for all HVAC brands and models. Our team of NATE-certified repair technicians has the knowledge and skillset necessary to make a quick job out of most any heating or air conditioning service request. Emergency repairs for HVAC systems are available any hour of the day or night, including weekends and holidays so you never have to suffer without the heat or cooling you need for safety and comfort.

Fixing your heater or AC unit may require some quick work and labor repairing system flaws, replacing components that have failed, or even installing a new unit to replace your older unit that is now beyond repairing. No matter the solutions needed, the price won’t come as a shock because we always estimate repair costs upfront.

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Trust Thomas & Galbraith for Cincinnati HVAC Repair

An air conditioning unit or furnace is an investment. Homeowners work hard to maximize the life of these units, as the longer you can go before you reach the need to replace the older unit and start the installation process, the more you’ll be able to save. Because any air conditioning system or heating system will periodically experience performance issues, repair services should be scheduled at the first sign of trouble. Quality repairs can help extend the service life of your air conditioner or heater, which will also help you save money.

Who customers choose to contact to make repairs to the HVAC unit can make or break the success of the service. For reliable, trusted repairs to AC units and heating system appliances, turn to Cincinnati’s own Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Since 1977, our neighbors have trusted our team of professional NATE-certified technicians for repairs to any type of air conditioning system or heating system, as we service all HVAC, heating, and air conditioning brands and models. With fast service and affordable repair costs, connect with our team to request repair services for your HVAC unit today.

24/7 Emergency Repair Services for HVAC Systems in Cincinnati

The need for HVAC repair, heating work, or air conditioning service doesn’t always pop up at the most convenient time. Because a home without heat or cooling can be a safety issue depending on outdoor temperatures, you shouldn’t have to wait for heater or AC repairs.

Thomas & Galbraith offers 24/7/365 emergency HVAC repair service for homeowners throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Whether your air conditioner blows warm air, your furnace won’t start, or another HVAC system issue, don’t hesitate to contact our team and request emergency services. A professional repair technician is always standing by, ready to get to work servicing your malfunctioning unit.

Troubleshooting Tips to Try Before You Call Us

A plethora of issues can stop heating and cooling systems from functioning correctly or efficiently. Any sign of AC unit or furnace trouble sends many people into a frenzy, thinking their HVAC equipment will need repairs that cost a small fortune. However, some issues can be fixed without even the cost of a service call and having a professional technician out to your house to access your unit!

It’s always a possibility that minor errors are causing the system issues you experience. Luckily, these things have quick and simple fixes that most are able to perform on their own. Before you complete our website form or give us a call to request HVAC repair, we suggest you try these troubleshooting steps first as they may help you save money by avoiding the cost of professional repairs for such a simple problem.

Troubleshooting with Your Thermostat

The thermostat is the unit that relays temperature information to your furnace or air conditioner, telling it when to turn on and off. If your heating or AC units don’t turn on, make sure the thermostat has power to communicate with the systems, with fresh batteries or by making sure the breaker isn’t tripped to a hardwired device.

Thermostat settings can also cause an issue that makes it appear as though the HVAC unit isn’t working properly or efficiently.

  • Make sure the switch between HEAT and COOLING modes has not been moved to the incorrect position. This could be the reason you feel heat while your air conditioning unit runs and vice versa.
  • Check the switch for fan settings on the unit. Typically, you want to set the fan to AUTO mode, not ON mode – this way, the system fan will only run while the HVAC system cycles. A fan set to ON can be the reason you feel warm air from an air conditioner or cooling from a furnace – while the heating and cooling systems are resting, the fan is running in between cycles, forcing air into your living spaces that has cooled or warmed up in the ducts.
  • Adjust temperature settings if you think your heater or air conditioner should have turned on already. Someone may have switched the settings higher or lower, causing the home to feel too hot or cool when you think the HVAC unit should have turned on already. Set the temperature a couple degrees higher than the current reading to signal your air conditioning to start and a few degrees lower to trigger a heating cycle from the furnace or boiler.

Check the Power

All parts of the HVAC system need power to run efficiently and correctly.

  • Make sure the thermostat has new batteries or its breaker is not tripped.
  • Check the breakers controlling the circuits that your heating and cooling systems are on and make sure they are not tripped – reset if needed.
  • Look at the ON/OFF switch and make sure it is set in the ON position.

Read System Error Codes

Newer heating systems and air conditioner units have a mechanism that displays an error code when the system malfunctions. This can usually be found if you check inside the indoor system equipment. Access the interior by removing the panel and look for a flashing light. Count the number of flashes and reference your owner’s manual to determine the problem. With this knowledge, you can decide if it’s a simple issue you can fix or if you need to call for repair service for your HVAC.

Does My Heater or AC Unit Need HVAC Repair Service?

Many repair problems that impact HVAC units can be prevented with regular maintenance. When you maintain your AC or furnace, you can avoid wear and tear damage that causes the system’s energy efficiency to decline as well as harm to components that leads to the need for replacing them. Professional HVAC repair also helps you maintain the system, as solving minor problems early on will help your system run with high efficiency longer and keep equipment in service for more time.

A new unit requires a serious investment, but you can save money by keeping your existing system in good shape. This means calling for repair service at the first sign of a problem. Below, we review each sign you should watch for so you know when your AC and heating systems are in need of repair.

1. Sudden, Unusual Operating Noises

Regular system operating noise should be barely noticeable in the background. When operating noise goes beyond background noise and suddenly changes or gets louder, the system should be inspected by a trained technician. Sounds that are a sign something is wrong include scraping, banging, grinding, squealing, screaming, and anything else out of the ordinary.

2. High Energy Bills

Unless you’ve added appliances to your home, have been using your HVAC units more than you usually do, or are going through a period of extreme hot or cold temperatures weatherwise, your energy bills should stay fairly consistent year after year. If you get a shockingly high energy bill that you can’t find a cause for, the cause may be a malfunction in your AC or heating unit that stops it from performing as efficient as it should. Often times, a high energy bill is your first sign of an HVAC issue.

Possible HVAC repair issues that technicians can diagnose and fix as well as other home efficiency improvements to lower your energy bill include:

  • Sealing ducts and installing insulation to ventilation
  • Adding insulation to the home and insulating around air leaks
  • Fixing refrigerant leaks and recharging low refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning dirty evaporator or condenser coils
  • Replacing worn out system components
  • Regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system
  • Installation service for a new unit with higher energy efficiency
  • Replacing dirty air filters with clean filters
  • Retrofit installation to replace underperforming parts with more energy efficient solutions

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