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Water Leak and Freeze Detector in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Water Leak and Freeze Detector Installation

While fires spark more fear in the eyes of Cincinnati homeowners, homeowners insurance companies say it’s water that you need to be worried about when it comes to property damage. It doesn’t take a natural flood to cause severe water damage to your home – plumbing problems cause water leaks in many areas of the house, from frozen pipes to overflowing toilets or a busted water heater.

Water damage caused by a plumbing leak happens under your nose – many times, there’s little warning, yet damage amasses quickly. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Cincinnati haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect their homes from this danger. You wouldn’t dream of foregoing a smoke detector for your home, so why haven’t you had a water leak and freeze detector system installed?

Leak detectors and sensors placed in areas of the home with the potential for water leaks and water damage provide homeowners with an early alert to potentially damaging plumbing issues. Even if you’re away from home, the system’s app sends an alert to your smart device to let you know a leak is detected. When you are alerted of the issue, you can take quick action to correct the leak and mitigate damage to your home.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing configures and installs water leak detector freeze detector systems for homes throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. If a leak is detected, you know about it immediately – we also offer monitoring for enhanced protection of your home.

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About Water Leak and Freeze Detectors

Water leak detector systems notify homeowners when a frozen pipe or leak occurs inside the home, providing an early alert so serious damage can be avoided. A smart water leak detector uses a sensor to monitor temperature and humidity as well as the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. Each Wi-Fi water sensing cable is linked to your home network, and the smart water sensor communicates information via an app on your phone or other smart device.

Water leak detectors reduce the odds of major water damage in Cincinnati homes. These systems offer such great protection that some homeowners insurance companies provide rebates or other incentives to homeowners who install them. Leak and freeze detector units detect water even at minor volumes, so homeowners are alerted to the presence of plumbing problems and can take action to correct them before they worsen, causing serious water leaks in the home.

How They Work

A water leak detector uses multiple sensors to detect water where it should not be. A water sensing cable measures water’s electrical conductivity when present, sending signals to the Wi-Fi water detector app upon completing a circuit. Sensors deliver alerts to the homeowner’s smart device app or to a company providing monitoring services for the system.

Each leak detector installed in the home uses a reliable battery with a long battery life of about two years before replacement is necessary. Leak detection systems are simple to set up and install in a home, requiring no base station to connect Wi-Fi water detectors to smart home hubs and other smart home systems. Systems can be expanded using additional cables to cover all potential water hazard areas in a home.

Many water leak and freeze detector systems are paired with an automatic shutoff valve system. In this configuration, homeowners can remotely cut the home’s water supply after receiving a water leak alert to avoid several hundreds of gallons of water spilling into the home. Some leak detection systems and freeze detector units use smart technology to trigger the automatic shutoff valve whenever water is detected to prevent serious leaks.

Where to Install Water Leak and Freeze Detector Units

Leak detector systems use sensors installed throughout the home to monitor areas of potential water damage due to sudden leaks. They must be correctly configured and installed to offer the expected level of protection. It is recommended that water-sensing cable sensors are installed in high-risk zones where significant volumes of water can pour into the home if a leak occurs.

These locations are prime for the installation of sensors when configuring your leak and freeze detector system:

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Does My Home Need Water Leak and Freeze Detection?

All Cincinnati homes can benefit from the installation of water leak detectors and freeze detectors. Water damage can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage – the early alert from a leak detector can spare you not only this expense but the irreplaceable losses of belongings destroyed by water.

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