Best Thermostats for Cincinnati Homes

Programmable Thermostats & Smart Thermostats for Cincinnati Area Homes

Thermostats for your home can be uncomplicated manual models to innovative programmable thermostats or advanced smart thermostat devices. The thermostat that is the most suitable option for your home is determined by the style of heating systems and cooling systems installed and any goals you have for energy conservation and lowering utility bills.

Your thermostat is the head control over the HVAC systems. Depending on temperature set points, it directs your furnace, heat pump, or cooling system to cycle on and power off, alerting comfort systems to adjust the temperature when heating or cooling is necessary to improve conditions within the house.  The strategy used to change the temperature affects the amount of energy savings generated when using the home’s HVAC system. A thermostat also impacts how many years your heating and cooling system is able to run – with control over system performance, a thermostat adjusted to save energy does not run HVAC system equipment frequently, which helps prevent deterioration that eventually causes equipment failures and the need for a new unit. When the thermostat tells your heating and cooling units to work around the clock, parts sustain wear rather quickly.

Contemporary thermostats, including standard models, are designed with the latest technologies that deliver better accuracy and temperature control, and consequently, improved indoor comfort. New thermostats help generate energy savings so homeowners save money, lowering heating and cooling expenses by around 20%. Purchasing a state-of-the-art thermostat provides you with a more comfortable indoor atmosphere now and helps save cash as time goes by.

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Thermostat Categories

The three general types of thermostats available for use in your home are:

  • Manual thermostats
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Smart thermostats

Manual Thermostats

Manual thermostats provide basic command over temperature. Manual thermostats are unable to offer innovative temperature controls including the power to effortlessly set the temperature, humidity sensors, or additional abilities seen on many programmable thermostats and smart thermostats.

The average manual thermostat uses a simple switch to adjust between the heating, cooling, and off positions. Manual thermostats are often still used in old properties. These thermostats are affordable with simple controls, but do not offer the programmed properties that deliver easy energy conservation, such as the programmable thermostat, smart thermostat, or learning thermostat. A manual unit is able to adjust heating and cooling units to save energy, but you must always make it a point to manually adjust temperatures around your day-to-day routine.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats possess several useful capabilities to schedule adjustments in temperature, which help homeowners avoid wasting energy with their HVAC systems. Models come with specific setting capabilities for programmed temperature changes on various days of the week, and most permit as many as four temperature modifications over a day.

  • 1-week programmable thermostats permit one set of temperature adjustments implemented each day during the week. This schedule is the simplest and applies the same pattern on a daily basis. This unit is useful in households with consistent activities each day.

5-2 programmable thermostats create one routine that is used over five straight weekdays and an additional schedule applied to the two weekend days. Homeowners who keep a reliable weekly routine and similar weekend days use this unit.

  • 5-1-1 programmable thermostats have a schedule over weekdays and individual schedules for both Saturday and Sunday. Many users prefer the option to customize weekend schedules each day because their events are different every day.
  • 7-day programmable thermostats allow homeowners to specify a unique temperature schedule every single day of the week. If your routine varies every day, this is likely to be the most useful thermostat for you.

Certain programmable thermostats provide the functionality to regulate not just the home’s temperature, but also humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, and air filtration via the thermostat. Some units send out maintenance reminders, which notify you once filters, UV bulbs, and humidifier pads require service or replacement. Nevertheless, simpler thermostats that do not include numerous functions are available.

Programmable thermostats are easy to use and practical for the hectic routines of contemporary homeowner. These thermostats provide homeowners automatic control over temperature alterations. When effectively programmed, they boast the potential to save up to 33% on yearly heating and cooling bills.

Smart Thermostats

The enhanced comfort and conservation possibilities associated with a smart thermostat that works with your furnace and air conditioner are beyond what is offered by any other thermostat. Smart thermostats assume the control to adjust the temperature, over time learning your tendencies and habits so they can change the temperature settings offering maximized energy conservation with no need to compromise on comfort level – hence the name learning thermostat. Geofencing tech guarantees the house is the ideal temperature upon your return. Whenever needed, you can easily control the thermostat settings remotely. Through a Wi-Fi link and mobile app, you have access anywhere! Some smart thermostats include voice control, so you never need to move a muscle when changing temperatures.

Smart thermostats like the nest thermostat are amazingly easy to set up and use. The reduce costs since by decreasing the overall amount of power utilized to heat and cool your property. An advanced thermostat system targets saving energy using abilities beyond identifying energy efficient temperature settings – smart thermostats track HVAC system performance and energy consumption. When increases in energy use or abnormal operation is recognized, the thermostat warns of the issue so you are able to schedule service right away – doing so also helps the heating systems and cooling systems save more energy!

Certain smart thermostats are marked with the ENERGY STAR rating and enhance your ability to preserve energy. Some thermostats connect with local utility companies that provide rewards for purchasing and using energy efficient equipment in your home.

Do I Need to Replace My Thermostat?

Thermostats must be upgraded at certain times. As time passes, accuracy is lost, units sustain damage, or essentially they become obsolete as a result of new innovation. Consider a couple different reasons why you should replace your thermostat.

  1. Older obsolete thermostats end up having a larger margin of error in room temperature readings, so the thermostat may turn off heating and cooling before reaching the chosen temperature. This error results in wasted energy and poor indoor comfort.
  2. Thermostats should be placed in proper spots in the home, otherwise they can’t function as anticipated and may even be ruined. If placed in direct sunlight or near a drafty spot, the thermostat should be moved by an HVAC technician, or replaced.
  3. If your thermostat is damaged, a replacement is necessary. The units are susceptible to very high temperatures, smoke, increased humidity, and various overwhelming conditions – upgrade the thermostat if there was fire or water damage in your home. Pest issues may also affect thermostats, particularly the electrical wiring enclosed by the drywall.
  4. Once you purchase and install an upgraded heating and cooling system, it is certainly time to change your thermostat. Changing the thermostat in conjunction with the new heating and cooling devices makes certain your new HVAC system has compatible controls. New heating systems and cooling systems sometimes need a thermostat with properties unavailable on your existing unit. Ask a technician for help as you choose a new thermostat appropriate for the new system’s specifications.

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