How Can You Reduce Your Risk of Major Water Damage in Your Home?

Water damage – it’s something no Cincinnati homeowners wants to face. While natural flooding is an issue in some areas, the real culprit of most water damage in homes is water leaks that come from somewhere within the plumbing system. Luckily, there is a way to detect these problems and reduce your risk of major water damage – the Moen Flo water monitor system.

A cracked pipe, busted water heater, or even a slow leak from a faucet or loose fitting has the potential to cause major water damage – right away with big leaks, or slowly over time with small ones. The Moen Flo water monitor provides Cincinnati homeowners with a line of defense against water damage by constantly monitoring water conditions through your plumbing lines.

The Moen Flo water monitor gives Cincinnati homeowners great peace of mind and has the potential to save you thousands in water damage repairs and wasted water. Learn more about this technology and how it works in your Cincinnati home. To learn more about the Moen Flo water monitor or to schedule installation, call Thomas & Galbraith today.

What Is the Moen Flo Water Monitor?

Simply put, the Moen Flo water monitor tracks water conditions through your plumbing system to detect when water leaks may be present or are likely. The device is installed in-line to the main cold-water intake plumbing of your home. The Moen Flo water monitor has been shown to reduce instances of significant water damage in the homes of users. Throughout the day, it monitors data to detect plumbing vulnerabilities that have the potential to cause, or have already caused, water leaks.

The Moen Flo water monitor system incorporates innovative plumbing technology to safeguard your Cincinnati home against water damage. The system utilizes three sensors that gather information on water temperature, pressure and flow within the main cold-water intake line. When adverse conditions within your plumbing are detected by the Moen Flo water monitor, the system sends you alerts so you’re always informed, helping you isolate and troubleshoot the issue yourself, or alerting you to the need for professional plumbing help.

Artificial Intelligence for Your Cincinnati Plumbing System

The Moen Flo water monitor uses artificial intelligence in a similar way to a smart thermostat – it learns your household’s water use habits to establish what is normal in your home. The Moen Flo water monitor picks up on regular flow, pressure, and temperature changes in water due to showering and household chores, as well as the usual timing of these activities.

This data combined with the sensor data tells the system when abnormal conditions exist within your home’s plumbing. These irregularities are indicative of what occurs when a leak is present, so the Moen Flo water monitor alerts you of the conditions – without it, leaks often go undetected until damage is done, unless it’s a case of a sudden, major water leak.

Pressure Monitoring Technology

What the Moen Flo water monitor offers that other water meters and monitoring systems don’t is constant water pressure monitoring. When water pressure throughout your plumbing system ranges too high, the plumbing components are placed under unnecessary stress. This stress to plumbing components results in damage and vulnerabilities that lead to leaks.

With its precision water pressure monitoring, the Moen Flo water monitor is capable of detecting even minuscule water leaks throughout your home. Even a leak that’s as minor as a drip of water per minute creates a pressure change that is recognized by the Moen Flo water monitor. Even minor, slow faucet leaks have the power to waste significant amounts of water!

How do you know if the Moen Flo water monitor detects abnormal pressure in your plumbing? The system is connected via your home’s Wi-Fi and a mobile app, so you receive alerts from your Moen Flo water monitor via your smartphone or other connected device in real time. With immediate notifications, homeowners are able to take action against leaks fast to prevent water damage.

Moen Flo Water Monitor Features

The Moen Flo water monitor is packed with helpful features for any Cincinnati homeowner. The technology the system features safeguards your home and belongings against devastating water damage and keeps you informed of water usage in the house.

  • A highlight of the Moen Flo water monitor is its MicroLeak™ technology. MicroLeak uses pressure-loss testing each day to detect changes in water pressure, whether minor or major. This technology uncovers even the tiniest water leaks in the home – the ones that have the power to create the most shocking damage, as without monitoring, homeowners typically do not discover these leaks until water damage tips them off.

  • When the Moen Flo water monitor detects a significant water leak in your home due to sensing data, the system’s automatic shut-off immediately activates to turn off water to your home. This quick reaction potentially saves you from major water damage.

  • Remote shut-off is also available through the Moen Flo water monitor. This means when you are away from home, you are able to remotely shut off water in the home if needed.

  • The Moen Flo water monitor uses a mobile app to keep in touch with users. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. As long as your smart device and Moen Flo water monitor are connected to the Internet, you receive system alerts, maintenance reminders, troubleshooting help, and more. 

  • The Moen Flo water monitor also tracks water usage in your home. Access this data through the app portal to analyze your water usage and set goals to reduce water consumption in your home. 

  • If you use the Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, or Google Assistant smart home hubs, the Moen Flo water monitor is compatible! Enhance your experience when you integrate this system with your smart home platform and other smart devices.

  • When you equip your home with the Moen Flo water monitor, you have the option to subscribe to FloProtect. This is a monthly subscription with advanced features such as proactive water monitoring, enhanced analytics regarding water use, and water concierge. What’s more is that a FloProtect subscription protects your Moen Flo water monitor with an additional three-year extended warranty. The program also provides reimbursement of homeowner’s insurance claim deductibles for major water damage, up to $2,500.

More About Home Water Damage

Water damage in the home is no minor matter – it’s one of the top causes that lead to homeowner’s insurance claims every year. Water damage has the power to create serious damage, which is expensive to remedy. Discover how water damage affects U.S. homeowners and see why a Moen Flo water monitor is a smart move to protect your home.

  • Water damage claims create losses totaling around $2.5 billion for insurers each year.
  • A water damage claim results in an average loss of $10,234.
  • One of every 50 insured homes experience a water damage claim every year.
  • Water damage is five times more likely to occur in your home than theft, and six times more likely than fire damage.
  • Over the years of homeownership, approximately 40% of homeowners suffer water damage at some point.
  • Surprise water leaks send about 14,000 homeowners rushing home each day to tend to the issue.
  • Throughout the home’s lifespan, 98% of basements suffer water damage at some point.
  • An average home suffers water loss of 17 gallons per day through leaks.
  • Leaks that cause a minimum water loss of 90 gallons per day exist in 10%  of homes, which homeowners don’t even know they exist.
  • A small 1/8-inch pipe crack is able to leak up to 250 gallons of water in one day.

Proactive measures work to limit the likelihood of a water damage claim at your Cincinnati home. The Moen Flo water monitor works to provide the protection you need. In fact, your homeowner’s insurance carrier may even reward you for the installation of the Moen Flo water monitor with lower insurance premiums. Ask your insurance company if they offer premium discounts for homes equipped with a Moen Flo water monitor.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Cincinnati

Beyond the installation of a Moen Flo water monitor, here are more ways to prevent water damage in your Cincinnati home:

  • Ensure your plumbing system and appliances receive the annual maintenance they need to preserve their function and condition. 

  • Check appliance hoses on washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers each year. If you find brittleness or other damage, replace them. Use high-quality replacement components that provide enhanced protection against damage and failure.

  • Don’t leave the house with a water-using appliance in operation. Turn off water to washing machines before you leave on vacation.

  • Know where to find your home’s main water shut-off valve – it’s usually located at the point where the water line enters your home. Also, know where to find fixture shut-offs, which are usually on the wall behind or by the fixture. In the event of a leak, turn off water quickly to avoid major water damage.

Get the Moen Flo Water Monitor from Thomas & Galbraith

Take a huge step to defend against water damage in your Cincinnati home when you have the licensed plumbers of Thomas & Galbraith install a new Moen Flo water monitor. Our experts install the Moen Flo water monitor device and walk you through the system, so you are able to gain the maximum benefit from this technology. Get started today – contact us now!

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