Originally a Wisconsin-based company, Heil moved to Tennessee in the 1950s. Heil started off with space heaters, and quickly moved into nearly every HVAC product available. With their dedication to energy efficiency and comfort, Heil treats homeowners to quality products for an affordable price. 

Thomas & Galbraith services Heil products with pleasure. Because the Heil name carries such respect in the world of HVAC, homeowners and technicians both know a Heil product means quality results. The company’s focus on efficiency, comfort, and innovation keep them on top.

With SEER ratings of up to 19, Heil allows homeowners to benefit from low-impact products. High SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, ratings, homeowners pay less for energy over time. Additionally, the AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, ratings all fall between 80 and 97%. This means products consistently improve their efficiency every year. 

Heil’s No Hassle Replacement™ warranty gives homeowners extra peace of mind. While Heil’s products are reliable and high quality, accidents happen. Whenever homeowners experience unexpected problems, they are covered by the warranty for up to 10 years. 

Heil designs their units with the homeowner in mind. With the clean, simple design, homeowners are able to easily understand how the system works. Many of their products include dehumidification components to reduce the moisture in the air. This improves the air quality overall and gives homeowners a more enjoyable experience in the home. 

In addition, customization is of great importance to Heil. All homeowners are different, which means they all need HVAC systems to fit their specific needs. Their Observer communicating system allows homeowners to control in up to six zones in the home. Smart Recovery adjusts the zones as necessary to fit the needs of the homeowner.

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