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Quality heating, cooling, and plumbing systems make up the cornerstone of comfort inside Wilmington, OH homes. These systems keep us cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and supplied with clean and hot water throughout the year. Because they are such an important part of our daily lives, any trouble you experience with one of these systems has the potential to impact your household in a very noticeable way.

Anytime you have trouble with your air conditioner, furnace, or plumbing system, call the Wilmington home services experts you can trust – Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing helps area homeowners solve performance issues and malfunctions to restore proper function and operation throughout the house. When repairs aren’t the best solution either for your existing equipment or your budget, our Comfort Consultants work with you to determine replacement solutions that do from our selection of top-of-the-line heating and cooling systems as well as plumbing equipment.

As a homeowner, no plumbing or HVAC problem is convenient, but the Thomas & Galbraith team always works to erase as much of the hassle as possible. Repair appointments can be scheduled at your convenience or emergency repairs performed promptly, no matter what time or day it is. Call Thomas & Galbraith for assistance with any of the following heating, cooling, and plumbing components in your home:

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Air Conditioner Repair in Wilmington, OH

Have you noticed that temperatures in your home aren’t dropping as low as you’d like, or some rooms remain hot while others feel comfortable? These comfort issues are commonly caused by cooling system malfunctions and air conditioner repair may be in order. Whenever you experience performance issues from your air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless mini split air conditioning system, it’s wise to have a professional assess your equipment and solve issues right away, whether you have a noticeable disruption in comfort, notice strange noises from your air conditioner, or discover it is cycling more frequently than normal.

Thomas & Galbraith’s team of NATE-certified air conditioner repair technicians perform cooling repairs for all types of equipment, from forced air air conditioners and heat pumps to ductless HVAC units, made by any HVAC brand. Our diagnostic process allows for the discovery of any system issue causing unwanted symptoms in your home, so that the right repair solutions can be identified and put into place to stop any suffering you experience. After hours emergency air conditioner repair service is also available to help you out of a sweaty situation when you need it most.

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Air Conditioner Replacement in Wilmington, OH

Just because the older air conditioner in your Wilmington, OH home still runs does not mean it’s doing a good job. Decreasing temperature control is common in air conditioners on their last leg, and whether you realize it or not, an older system operates at a much lower energy efficiency level than it did when it was new. Repair needs are common when your air conditioner is on its way out and you may not want to waste your money on another repair when you know a new system is needed soon anyway.

Whenever it is time to upgrade your air conditioner, turn to Thomas & Galbraith for the highest caliber air conditioner replacement in the area. We are your Wilmington Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer – work with our Comfort Consultants to explore new Carrier cooling systems for your home, including conventional air conditioners and heat pumps. Our installation technicians have received factory training for each system to make sure your new equipment receives the technical care it needs to operate at its best.

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Furnace Repair in Wilmington, OH

A lack of heat is the last thing you want to come home to in the winter! When your furnace won’t start, repairs are often able to fix the problem. Thomas & Galbraith offers fast, emergency furnace repair service to restore heating inside your home before conditions become unsafe. It doesn’t matter if it is the dead of night or a holiday, you can reach us 24/7 to request a service visit now.

Often, furnace problems are much more subtle – even though your furnace is operational doesn’t mean it is working at its best or even that your home is kept comfortable. If you start to notice difficulties heating your home to the level you desire, a furnace performance issue may need to be resolved. It’s best to call when you first notice these issues, as continued operation can cause minor system malfunctions to evolve into costly repairs over time. Trust Thomas & Galbraith’s furnace repair technicians for reliable repairs to all makes and models of furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers.

With quality furnace repairs performed by knowledgeable heating experts, your home will regain a reliable heat source to get you through the winter comfortably. Any heating issues should be reported right away to avoid ongoing temperature control and comfort issues. Repairs are quick and well worth the price when it comes to your family’s comfort and safety.

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Furnace Replacement in Wilmington, OH

If you’ve taken good care of your furnace over the years, you’re likely to get 10 to 15 good years of heating from it. Even the best furnace care won’t keep your system alive forever, though. Homeowners in Wilmington, OH often notice when furnace replacement is due, as the existing furnace can’t meet their needs and suffers from more repair issues.

When you are ready for furnace replacement, call Thomas & Galbraith. Our Comfort Consultants know all there is to know about our line of Carrier furnaces and heat pumps. The team will help you determine the best new furnace for your home for the right price. Financing options are available to help you purchase the new heating equipment you need now and pay it off over time. Factory direct training ensures our NATE-certified technicians install your new furnace properly, so you do not experience performance troubles right off the bat.

Whenever you choose Thomas & Galbraith for furnace replacement, know the job is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will get you the new furnace you need and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results, or we will keep working until we do!

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Plumbing Repair in Wilmington, OH

Any trouble with your home plumbing system can cause problems, whether it be wasted water, discomfort, or even water damage. Too often, homeowners tend to let small issues go because they don’t realize the havoc these problems may be wreaking behind their walls or on their water bills. Even a slow leak can amount to expensive damage and a minor faucet drip result in excessive water costs the longer it continues.

For plumbing repair service in your Wilmington home, call Thomas & Galbraith for expert assistance. We employ licensed Ohio plumbers who are well equipped to tackle any pipe, fixture, or appliance issue in your plumbing system. We remove drain clogs to help your toilets flush fully, tighten faucets to conserve water, and upgrade aged plumbing pipes that cause issues with water supply or drainage in the home. Our goals are to help you save water, protect your home from damage, and gain the function and comfort you need from your plumbing system.

Sudden plumbing problems, like frozen pipes that burst or an overflowing toilet that just won’t stop require immediate attention. We offer emergency plumbing repair service that is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year – even holidays! Once you notice such an issue at home, call us right away! Our plumbers arrive as soon as possible, armed with the tools and parts needed to perform many repairs immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage that may be done, so don’t delay!

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Water Heater Replacement in Wilmington, OH

A good water heater keeps your family flush with an ample supply of hot water at the right temperature. If the water heater in your Wilmington home doesn’t seem to be heating water to the temperature you want or you find that hot water runs out too fast, repairs may be a solution, but ultimately water heater replacement is needed in many cases.

Water heaters only last so long – about 10 years for tank water heaters and 20 years for tankless water heaters – eventually, all homes need a new unit. Letting a water heater remain in service for too long opens the door to more than just discomfort, as leaks can result that cause serious water damage to your home.

Don’t risk damage and discomfort with a water heater that doesn’t do its job properly. Water heater replacement supplies your household with a new, reliable source of hot water for years to come. Our licensed Ohio plumbers install both tank water heaters and tankless water heaters, and we have numerous equipment options to choose from. If you want to increase energy savings, we can help you convert from electric to natural gas water heating or tank to tankless water heating.

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Sump Pump Replacement in Wilmington, OH

Any Wilmington home that has a basement or crawlspace is at risk of water issues affecting these below-ground areas. When groundwater levels increase due to heavy rain or melting snow, water can seep into the foundation and collect under the home. Homes that have washing machines or water heaters in their basements may be at risk of a flood should these appliances ever malfunction and leak.

To protect your crawlspace or basement as well as anything stored in the area, a reliable sump pump system is needed. Sump pumps extract water from the area, moving it out and away from the home to prevent basement or crawlspace flooding. Unfortunately, their location puts them out of mind for many homeowners, and sump pump malfunctions may not be discovered until you find a flood.

Be proactive with sump pump replacement to avoid flooding and water damage at home. Thomas & Galbraith installs new systems for sump pump replacement to outfit your house with a reliable defense against flooding. With a good sump pump that keeps the basement or crawlspace dry, you can avoid moisture issues that lead to mold when too much water infiltrates the foundation.

In addition to sump pump replacement, we strongly recommend adding a battery backup sump pump to your basement or crawlspace. While the primary sump pump is often all you need to remove water from the area, there are times when a battery backup sump pump is a real lifesaver. Primary sump pumps are typically powered by the home’s electrical supply – if a strong storm knocks out power to your home, the sump pump won’t be able to protect your basement or crawlspace as heavy rains continue. If the primary system becomes clogged after an object falls into the sump pit, water levels will rise unchecked.

A battery backup sump pump uses a dedicated battery power source, so it has access to the energy it needs even when power is out at your home. The backup sump pump can detect when your primary sump pump needs a little help tackling rising water, or needs to take over because the initial system isn’t removing water at all. Because water damage due to flooding is so expensive, adding a battery backup sump pump can actually save you thousands of dollars by preventing this problem.

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