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What makes a house a home in West Chester, OH is comfort. Homeowners throughout the area rely on heating and cooling equipment for comfortable indoor temperatures throughout all four seasons, and quality plumbing fixtures to make daily living easier. While these household systems work reliably most of the time, occasionally an issue will arise that detracts from their performance and causes you problems at home.

When your plumbing system springs a leak or your HVAC system can’t keep up, turn to the professionals of Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for the quick services you need. Our team is comprised of NATE-certified HVAC repair and replacement technicians as well as licensed Ohio plumbers who are experts in their crafts. No matter what sort of heating, cooling, or plumbing problem you experience in your West Chester home, you can count on us for the solutions needed to restore comfort for your family.

Day and night, weekends and holidays, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here for you, offering prompt repair and replacement services as well as emergency HVAC and plumbing repairs. Don’t let the inconvenience mount when a plumbing leak or heating malfunction occurs outside of business hours – our team is always on call to assist when you need us.

Turn to Thomas & Galbraith for professional repairs and replacement of the following home HVAC and plumbing equipment:

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Air Conditioning Repair in West Chester, OH

West Chester, OH residents know that the summer months can be brutal, with high temperatures and humidity outdoors. During this season, homeowners rely on ongoing use of their air conditioning systems to create a comfortable retreat from the heat. What happens when your air conditioner just isn’t up to the task, or if it breaks down? One call to Thomas & Galbraith brings the repair solutions you need to restore your cooling system’s performance.

At Thomas & Galbraith, our team of NATE-certified air conditioning repair technicians is ready to address your cooling issues right away. Thorough diagnostics allow our technicians to identify what has gone wrong inside your air conditioner so that accurate repairs can be implemented. We don’t want to make you sweat any more than you have to, which is why our team carries many replacement air conditioner parts to every service call. Get the prompt air conditioner repairs you need at a fair price, every time!

Thomas & Galbraith performs air conditioner repair for all types of cooling systems, including conventional forced air heat pumps and air conditioners, as well as geothermal cooling systems and ductless mini split air conditioners. Trust our team to handle your air conditioning system with care and restore its performance and energy efficiency with the right repair services.

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Air Conditioner Replacement in West Chester, OH

Unfortunately, a home’s air conditioner just does not last forever. If you take good care of your air conditioner or heat pump, you should see 10 or more good years of service from it – if annual maintenance tune ups are skipped, it’s an unfortunate fact that your cooling system may give out earlier. Cooling equipment tends to experience more frequent malfunctions in the few seasons prior to the end of its service life, so if repairs have been mounting, it’s probably time for air conditioner replacement.

Whether your current cooling system has an issue that cannot be fixed or you’re tired of sinking money into constant repairs, Thomas & Galbraith offers trusted air conditioner replacement services throughout the West Chester, OH area. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we take pride in bringing you the finest selection of new Carrier air conditioners and heat pumps for installation in your home. Work with our Comfort Consultants to determine the right new air conditioner that fits the cooling needs and budget of your household.

Thomas & Galbraith’s NATE-certified air conditioner replacement technicians receive special training direct from Carrier for each type of cooling system we offer. Trust our team to perform exceptional installation of your new air conditioner to make sure the new unit performs at the highest levels possible. Our goal is always to achieve your total satisfaction – 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or our work is not complete!

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Furnace Repair in West Chester, OH

West Chester, OH winters can be quite cold, which is one compelling reason why homeowners need high performing furnaces. However, even the most reliable furnace, heat pump, or boiler can experience issues from time to time. These heating system problems disrupt your household by creating uneven temperatures, not enough heating, and sometimes even no heat at all.

When you experience troubles with your furnace, heat pump, or boiler heating system, turn to Thomas & Galbraith for expert furnace repair. Our technicians are NATE-certified and are capable of performing repairs on heating systems of all types, makes, and models. While it’s best to contact us at the first sign of furnace struggles, sometimes furnace repairs are put off until more serious symptoms start to affect the household. Whichever situation you face with your furnace, please contact us so we can help restore safe and comfortable heating for your family.

When furnaces break down during periods of low temperatures, homes can become unsafe without heating. Should this happen to you in the dead of night or the middle of a holiday weekend, know that you don’t have to wait until our next business day for furnace repair service. Call us for emergency furnace repairs and our team will dispatch a technician right away to address your furnace repair needs.

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Furnace Replacement in West Chester, OH

If your furnace, heat pump, or boiler has struggled to adequately heat your home over these last few years, you may be due for furnace replacement. Likewise, if breakdowns frequently occur and you’re tired of pouring money into a heating system that just doesn’t deliver, furnace replacement can solve your problems.

Thomas & Galbraith is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, providing high quality Carrier furnaces and heating equipment for installation in West Chester homes. When you’re ready to investigate your furnace replacement options, work with our team of skilled Comfort Consultants to discover the best equipment options for your home and budget.

Our NATE-certified furnace replacement technicians also receive special manufacturer direct training for each heating system model we install, so you can be confident your furnace replacement will be performed properly. Quality installation directly affects the performance of a furnace or heat pump, which is why we take the time to do the job right. Upon installation, our team will test your new furnace replacement to ensure it operates at the expected energy efficiency levels and that you are fully satisfied with the heating you receive inside your home.

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Plumbing Repair in West Chester, OH

West Chester, OH homeowners dread plumbing issues just as much as heating and cooling issues, and rightfully so – you rely on your plumbing system for sanitation and everyday comforts, and problems can result in significant water damage to your home. Many homeowners put off plumbing repairs they assume are minor, such as a leaking faucet or slow toilet flush, only to find that the problems worsen as more time passes. We encourage you to call for plumbing repair no matter how major or minor you deem the issue, because early intervention has the power to save you a lot of headaches and money down the road.

For plumbing repairs of all types, whether you need a drain cleaned or a pipe replaced, choose Thomas & Galbraith for the job. Our team is made up of licensed Ohio plumbers who are skilled in performing all types of plumbing repairs, large or small. From routine upgrades such as upgrading aging water or drain lines and installing new, water efficient bathroom fixtures to more urgent plumbing repair needs like stopping a leak, our Ohio plumbers tackle it all.

We know that homeowners encounter plumbing problems at all hours, everyday of the week, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service. Don’t let the problem grow as you wait for the next business day – contact us right away and a plumber will arrive promptly to make the repairs you need. Our team takes a fully stocked truck to every home, packed with common replacement parts so that many repairs can be made in just one trip!

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Water Heater Replacement in West Chester, OH

A home’s water heater holds a lot of power – West Chester, OH families need hot water for bathing, cleaning, and other household tasks. Without a reliable source of hot water at home, taking a shower or doing the dishes isn’t as easy, or as comfortable as it can be. If your home’s water heater isn’t delivering the hot water your household needs, it could be time for water heater replacement.

On average, tank water heaters need to be replaced every 10 or so years; tankless water heaters usually need replacement after 20 years of service. Whether your system has aged to this point or breakdowns have taken it out of service for good, turn to Thomas & Galbraith for new water heater replacement. We install both tank and tankless water heaters and can help you convert to a more efficient energy source to achieve the most efficient water heating system within your budget.

Trust our licensed Ohio plumbers to install your new water heater the right way, the very first time. Quality installation helps homeowners avoid damaging leaks and protects the water heater for longevity. Contact us today to explore water heater replacement for your home.

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Sump Pump Replacement in West Chester, OH

If your West Chester, OH home has a basement or crawlspace, a sump pump works to protect your low-lying foundation from water damage. As groundwater levels rise, water can infiltrate a basement or crawlspace below ground, or a plumbing appliance can leak, putting these areas at risk of a flood. Water damage insurance claims are quite costly, averaging around $10,000 – but sometimes a basement flood destroys valuable heirlooms that just cannot be replaced.

Reliable sump pump systems work to remove water and protect the home as well as the contents stored in these areas. Don’t risk your home and priceless possessions to flooding nor the moisture problems that can continue afterwards! Thomas & Galbraith performs sump pump replacement to upgrade aging or worn-out pumps and provide a new line of protection for your home. We also install battery backup sump pump systems that provide further defense from water infiltration in your basement or crawlspace, with battery power to run the pump for many hours, even in the midst of a power outage.

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