Spring HVAC and Plumbing Checklist for Cincinnati Homeowners

Spring is finally here! Before the weather warms up, there are some tasks Cincinnati homeowners need to take care of to ensure the home is in order for the seasons ahead. Thomas & Galbraith shares our springtime home maintenance to-do list to help you hit all essential areas!

1. Screens and Screen Doors

Window screens and screen doors need to be inspected for damage. Look for tears in the screens and patch or replace screen material as needed. If screens are stored throughout winter, now is the time to take them out, inspect them, and reinstall them, so your windows are ready for those warm, breezy days.

2. Roof

Shingle damage and missing shingles leave your roof vulnerable to leaks during spring storms. Use binoculars to visually inspect your roof for areas that have been damaged and spots with missing shingles. Make note of these areas and arrange roof repairs right away.

3. Gutters

Clear gutters are needed going into spring, to allow proper drainage of rainwater away from the home. All the debris that has accumulated in your gutters over the past several months needs to be removed. Check downspouts for clogs – spray water from a garden hose through the top of the downspout and monitor waterflow at the bottom to detect blockages. 

4. Outdoor AC Unit

Your outdoor air conditioner condenser unit or heat pump requires good airflow to properly cool your home. Brush away any yard debris blocking the unit’s fins, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and other materials. If vegetation grows nearby, clip it away and remove plants in the two-foot area immediately surrounding the unit. 

5. Air Filter

A dirty air filter inhibits airflow through your cooling system, so start the season off on the right foot with a clean one! Check the existing filter – if the surface is clogged with contaminants, throw away the filter and replace it with a new one.

6. Cooling System

Start your cooling system up once before it’s time to start using it for the season to see how it runs. Does it come on and properly cool your home, or are there problems? If issues are found during this test, you are able to schedule air conditioner repairs right away, rather than be stuck waiting when technicians are busier after the heat hits.

7. Sump Pump

To protect your basement or crawlspace from water damage caused by spring storms, test your sump pump for correct operation now. If your sump pump has problems, contact your plumber for repairs now. It may be wise to have a battery backup system installed for added protection.

8. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan use can help Cincinnati homeowners stay cooler and save money on energy bills if used correctly. Set the blades to turn counterclockwise over cooling season – typically, there is a switch on the base of the fan’s motor that allows you to adjust blade rotation. Counterclockwise rotation causes a windchill effect back towards the floor, which helps evaporate moisture from your skin and keep you cool with less effort from your air conditioner.

9. Lawncare

Take a walk around your property not just to get some fresh air, but to get ready for spring! As you walk, collect large branches and remove them, as they can stop grass from growing strong.

10. Family

Though it’s at the bottom of the list, this task goes above all else – enjoy this time with your family. Though you may feel stuck at home right now, the silver lining is that you have some unexpected time to spend with those you love.

As you prep your home this spring, call Thomas & Galbraith if you need assistance with any of the points mentioned on this checklist. Our NATE-certified cooling technicians and licensed plumbers are ready to perform the services needed that will improve your comfort throughout spring.

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