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Why It’s Important That You Schedule an AC Tune-up in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Are you able to rely on your air conditioner to perform at peak efficiency throughout the spring and summer? If your AC system received its annual tune-up, you can feel confident in your air conditioning unit’s performance, efficiency, and longevity – this year and beyond. Professional maintenance tune-ups completed by skilled technicians are vital to your HVAC system in so many ways, so be sure you schedule AC tune-up services each cooling season.

Regular maintenance is important to the energy efficiency, performance, and longevity of any furnace or air conditioning system. Air conditioner tune-ups provide the service components need for operating at their best and avoiding breakdowns. The coils, fan, air filters, drain, refrigerant lines, and other parts receive a careful inspection to detect flaws in need of repair. Learn how important tune-up services are to the unit you depend upon to heat and cool your Cincinnati area home.

Why Are AC Tune-Ups so Important?

There are several tasks homeowners do throughout the year to keep air conditioning units and HVAC systems in good shape, such as air filter replacement. In addition to these tasks, your air conditioner also needs regular professional maintenance service to deliver specialized care required by system components.

The quality of maintenance matters, affecting indoor comfort, the amount of money spent on bills for operating your AC unit, the repairs it will need and how much they will cost, and when your air conditioning system will need replacement. Ignoring the importance of this service has consequences for all brands of air conditioners and HVAC equipment.

Consistent Cooling

The services your technician will perform during AC tune-ups ensure all system components are operating without errors or hindrances that can stand in the way of the cooling process. Technicians inspect each function of the system and fine-tune performance to make sure your air conditioning unit has everything it needs to deliver successful cooling over the spring and summer months. The coils, condenser, fan assemblies, electrical connections, and all moving parts work together in harmony to remove excess indoor heat and spread comfortable, balanced temperatures throughout all areas of the home.

When a unit does not receive an annual AC tune-up, the system may not be able to deliver efficient or consistent cooling throughout the home’s living areas. Without service to offset wear and tear and the opportunity to inspect for repairs, air conditioning performance could result in subpar comfort control. The air conditioner may not be able to meet the household’s cooling demands, and if it does, it may consume a lot more energy than necessary to do so. Unfortunately, these conditions cause everyone in the home to suffer comfort-wise.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Each season, the efficiency of an air conditioner declines as systems from all brands sustain wear and tear, forcing them to operate under more stress. Moving parts, electrical connections, coils, fan units, and other vital components are impacted. Wear can cause specific parts to require more electrical power to operate or cause damage that needs repairs before the system can reduce energy consumption. Breakdowns don’t have to occur for the system to show stress – you’ll be able to see it on your electrical bills as you owe more and more money for monthly cooling.

Each time you skip annual tune-ups, your air conditioner’s efficiency falls. The next season, it’s starting from a point even farther back than it did the year prior, so you can expect your bills to be higher, too. Often, homeowners don’t know stress is forcing their air conditioners to use more power because performance declines occur steadily over time. The one thing that usually tips them off is higher utility bills!

Improving air conditioner performance and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Service to allow efficient operation produces better comfort while maintaining the system for better comfort repairs issues causing high energy use. When you schedule an AC tune-up and change the system’s air filters to maintain your air conditioner, your family benefits from better comfort, which results in energy conservation that is good for the environment.

AC tune-ups address individual components so they are able to perform their functions in the cooling process properly. In order for the HVAC system as a whole to operate efficiently, every related function must be free from restrictions. An AC tune-up works to maintain various elements of the cooling process, which overall helps the AC system run without stress and energy waste.

  • Good airflow is maintained with a clean air filter.
  • A clear drain system won’t become clogged and create stress on the air conditioner by increasing humidity in the system.
  • An evaporator coil and outdoor coil that are free from dust and grime allow refrigerant to efficiently absorb indoor heat and release heating outside of the home.
  • Sealed lines free of damage won’t cause a refrigerant leak that leaves the system without enough refrigerant to gather and release heating.
  • A condenser unit with tight electrical connections ensures the compressor and fan can help release heating into the atmosphere.

Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs

A call to schedule repairs with your professional HVAC technician in the summer comes at a cost – money to pay for repair service and the cost of comfort quality while you wait. If your unit suddenly experiences total failure, the replacement cost may be money you don’t have at a moment’s notice, and you could be stuck sweating through the season until a new unit can be installed.

If you properly maintain your AC unit, you can save yourself from these hassles as much as possible. A yearly AC tune-up largely reduces your risk of repair concerns for the upcoming season of use. The money you pay for regular maintenance services is a much lower cost than most any repair issue your air conditioning could face.

An AC tune-up is able to limit the need for repairs by delivering service that mitigates wear and tear damage:

  • The evaporator coil and condenser coil are cleaned.
  • Refrigerant levels and pressure are measured to identify losses due to a refrigerant leak.
  • Electrical connections are inspected for safety and tightened.
  • Air filters are replaced to maintain airflow.
  • The condensate drain line receives cleaning so that it does not become clogged.

Getting to know your heating and air technician really well by the end of the hot months means your air conditioning needed repair after repair. If you would have scheduled an AC tune-up and inspection with your HVAC company earlier in the year, you likely would have been able to save yourself several, if not all, of these repair service visits. Inspection would have uncovered issues like a leak in refrigerant lines or a clogged drain that were likely to cause problems once the air conditioner started operating for the year.

To tune an air conditioning unit, vital service is delivered to prevent the development of repair issues, but this visit also provides the opportunity for a professional technician from your HVAC company to inspect the entire air conditioning system. When you have trained eyes inspect the ins and outs of your unit, malfunctions and damage are realized so that preventative repairs can be made, which stop more serious problems from developing down the road.

Longer Service Life

Better comfort is achieved by more efficient performance, more efficient performance reduces repairs, and fewer repairs means you won’t need to replace your air conditioning equipment as often. An AC tune-up has the power to extend the service life of your air conditioner, putting more cooling seasons between your existing air conditioning unit and a new one. Replacing an air conditioner will cost thousands of dollars – the more years of comfort you receive from your unit, the more you save, thanks to higher return on investment.

Warranty Protection

Every homeowner wants to avoid the cost of repair and replacing faulty air conditioning parts. When malfunctions occur that aren’t even your fault, shelling out money for the repair feels all the more painful. Luckily, furnace and air conditioning brands include manufacturer’s warranty coverage for new air conditioner units. This warranty, when valid, will cover the cost of repairs due to defect. If your air conditioner has a faulty coil, a bad drain, or a leak caused by a defective component, you’ll receive a new part at the manufacturer’s expense.

If your warranty isn’t valid when a problem arises, you’ll be on the hook to pay your HVAC company for inspection of the problem and installation of new parts. An air conditioning warranty lasts a period of years starting from the date the new air conditioner was installed. What many homeowners do not realize is that the warranty can be voided even if you’re still within that period.

Failing to call your HVAC company for an inspection and annual AC tune-up is one error that could cost you this valuable coverage. Because warranties offer the potential for significant financial savings should something go wrong with your air conditioner, make sure to have your air conditioning company tune and inspect your AC unit year after year.

AC Tune-up Services in Cincinnati

The value of a regular AC tune-up is vast, which is why it is so important to have your trusted heating and air company tune and inspect your HVAC system and AC unit each year. Thomas & Galbraith provides AC tune-up service for homeowners throughout the Cincinnati area – contact us today to book your tune-ups.

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