Which Plumber Is Right for Your Home?

There are many great plumbing companies that help homeowners in Cincinnati with everything from new water heater installation to repairs for emergency water leaks. When you need a nearby plumber, do you know who to call? 

The search for a nearby plumber often feels tedious if you’ve never needed one’s help in the past. Thomas & Galbraith shares tips that help Cincinnati homeowners find a nearby plumber as well as what to look for in your next plumbing company. 

Who to Ask When You Search for a Nearby Plumber in Cincinnati

Many Cincinnati homeowners have never called a plumber before – depending on how you look at it, this is both a good thing as well as a bit of a problem. While it’s good you’ve never needed a plumber to stop a gushing water leak in your home, when you do need a nearby plumber, you don’t have a professional relationship to fall back on. 

A working relationship with a nearby plumber in Cincinnati is a great benefit to area homeowners, as a qualified plumber is able to help you with your home’s needs over the years. From appliance upgrades to bringing that old bathroom back into style, plumbers provide many services to protect your home and improve functionality. 

If you’ve never worked with a nearby plumber, you don’t have to start your search from nothing! If you know homeowners in the area, it’s almost guaranteed that you know someone who has worked with a plumber before. Turn to those you trust most for a strong recommendation on a nearby plumber. 

  • Family members are a great resource when it comes to nearby plumbers and other home services contractors. If you know grandma had a leak repaired a few years back or your sibling just completed a new bathroom remodel, ask which nearby plumber they used. Homeowners who have been in the area for many years are likely to have a plumber they know and trust, who they’d gladly recommend. 

  • Friends who own homes in the area have also probably needed a nearby plumber in the past, or may even work for a local plumbing company. Reach out to your personal network to find trustworthy recommendations for a nearby plumber. 

  • Neighbors you trust are another resource you are able to turn to for nearby plumber recommendations. Did you see a plumbing van parked over at neighbor Joe’s last month? Ask the company he used and if he would recommend the business for your needs. 

Plumbing contractors are highly localized and typically a company only works within a certain area, also called their service area. Your out-of-state family won’t be a great resource in your plumber search unless they happen to know a company that is local to you. Plumbers typically serve an expanded metro area and neighboring towns, so as long as your source lives nearby, it is more likely that their chosen plumber serves your area, too. 

A plumbing reference from someone you know personally is worth its weight in gold in many cases. Your personal friends and family don’t want to lead you astray – they tell you the good and the bad about their experiences. Maybe your sources don’t have a company they feel confident in recommending, but a candid look at their experiences may tell you which companies you want to stay away from. 

Where to Look for a Nearby Plumber in Cincinnati

If you’re new to the Cincinnati area or just don’t have a trusted local source to ask as you search for a nearby plumber, there are resources available to help. Local business and trade organizations are a great starting point to help you find a plumbing professional to take on your projects. 

  • Chamber of Commerce: Most all cities and towns have a Chamber of Commerce, which is an organization that works to promote local business interests. Membership is composed of local business owners, and with a plumber in most every town, you’re likely to find some choices amongst their members. If you want to support local business in your area, seek out your local Chamber of Commerce and start your search for a nearby plumber. 

  • Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Ohio (PHCC) is a trade organization that serves plumbing contractors throughout the state. The Ohio PHCC aims to help local homeowners find a qualified, licensed plumber for their plumbing projects. Feel free to contact the organization for a reference or to gain information about a specific nearby plumber. 

When you search for a nearby plumber online, your search may lead you to an online review site where customers and sometimes non-customers leave reviews about a plumber. While there may be valuable information here, you really need to evaluate these reviews carefully. Often, people only take the time to make a review if they’ve had a very good or very bad experience. 

When you look at online review sites, look at how the plumber represents themselves. A plumber who cares about customer service and their reputation takes the time to respond to reviews – the good, but especially the bad. Is the plumber working to fix the customer’s issue? Are their responses professional? A plumbing contractor’s responses to online reviews gives you a peek into their customer service as well as what level of care you can expect when working with the company. 

What to Look for in a Nearby Plumber

Once you have a shortlist of nearby plumbers, it’s time to figure out who you want to hire. For planned projects such as a bathroom remodel or new water heater upgrade, it’s wise to obtain estimates from a few different companies – three is a good number for most people. 

In emergency situations, such as a backed-up sewer line, waiting around to get multiple estimates isn’t possible – you need a solution to prevent damage and restore use. In this situation, those recommendations you received from friends and family plus your research on nearby plumbers really comes in handy. 

As you meet with or research plumbing companies on your own, here are some things you want to look for: 

  • License: Ask the contractor for their state license number. Some have this information easily accessible on their company website. Verify the plumber’s license number through the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board. A licensed plumber has met the state’s requirements for licensure and is your best choice – protect your home from damage and further issues when you work with a nearby plumber who has the right training and skills. 

  • Insurance: Your plumber should carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect both you and the company in the event of an accident on your property. If the plumber damages your home or a technician is injured while working at your house, this insurance is vital. 

  • Customer Service: The level of customer service delivered by a plumber is often the make-or-break trait in a homeowner’s hiring decision. When you look for a nearby plumber, observe how you are treated whenever you contact the company. Are your issues handled promptly, or are you left waiting for days for a response? From the person who answers your call at the office to the representative that comes to your home, you want to feel comfortable with these employees and confident in their ability to help you. 

  • Warranty: Warranty coverage is a great value whenever you have plumbing work performed. If installing new plumbing systems such as a water heater or water treatment system, it’s likely that the manufacturer offers a warranty that covers the system or certain components for a specified period. Your nearby plumber may also include a warranty on labor, which applies to the work their business has performed. These warranties provide assurance that you won’t be stuck paying expensive repair bills for your new equipment in case of malfunction. A plumber’s labor warranty shows the company backs the quality of the work they perform. 

  • Professionalism: The professionalism of a plumber gives homeowners a heightened sense of confidence and trust in the company. You want to be sure each employee is who they say they are when they arrive at your home, for your protection. Look for branded vehicles and company uniforms for easy identification. 

  • Training: Ask the company what type of training their plumbers have undergone. Training should not stop as soon as a nearby plumber takes a job – the industry continues to change and plumbers need ongoing education in their trade to serve customers with best practices and new technology. 

  • Clear Estimates: Price is an important factor in any homeowner’s purchase decision. When comparing prices on estimates, make sure all estimates are for the same work or products, or else you’ll be comparing apples to oranges. A quality plumber includes details in his or her estimate to show you exactly what you receive for the given price. When installing new equipment, cost varies immensely from one model to the next, which makes it all the more important to know exactly what equipment your estimate covers. 

Your Nearby Plumber: Thomas & Galbraith

For all your home plumbing needs in Cincinnati, choose the nearby plumber with the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Thomas & Galbraith. We are dedicated to our Cincinnati neighbors and are available around the clock to provide the plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services you need to protect your home and improve your experience. 

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