Cost of Water Heater Replacement in Cincinnati

Both the tank-style water heater and tankless water heater are popular hot water heater options in Cincinnati area homes. No matter which type of water heater you have installed, the time will come when water heater repairs can no longer patch up the system and keep it running. When water heater repair is no longer viable, water heater replacement is the path you need to pursue. 

If you need to replace a water heater, you have many different types of water heaters to choose from. Tankless heaters and tank-style heaters can provide energy-efficient solutions for your household. Get rid of your conventional water heater and upgrade to a tankless unit, or switch from electric heaters to a natural gas hot water heater if your home’s has gas lines or you want to connect to the gas utility and run gas piping through your home. 

The cost to replace water heater systems is different for everyone. The final price you pay depends on the type of water heater you choose for replacement as well as the other work that may be needed to install a water heater correctly at home. Which water heater style you choose impacts water heater prices as tankless water heater costs are usually higher than the price to purchase tank water heaters. The energy efficiency of new gas water heaters or electric water heaters will also affect water heater installation cost, as high-efficiency water heater equipment comes at a greater average cost than standard-efficiency hot water heaters

If you’re trying to determine water heater replacement cost in your home, average cost isn’t a great number to base your budget on. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing provides estimates for the installation costs to place a new water heater into service in your Cincinnati home. Our licensed plumbers are happy to teach you more about water heater replacement including when to replace your water heater and choices you have when selecting new hot water heaters

When to Pursue Water Heater Replacement

It’s hard to say exactly when a water heater will need to be replaced in any home. Look for key signs that share your home’s hot water heater is nearing its last days and is due for a replacement. 

  • A tank water heater usually lasts between 8 to 12 years; a tankless water heater usually lasts around 20 years. if your home hot water heater is around or beyond this age, now is the time to start looking into water heater replacement. 

  • If tank-style heaters are leaking from the storage tank, water heater replacement is necessary. Leaks from pressure release valves may be caused by excessive water pressure and can be fixed by water heater repair – however, leaks from the lining of the tank cannot be solved like this and replacement is the best solution. 

  • When water heaters can’t keep up with the hot water demands of the home or heat water to a warm temperature, water heater replacement can solve these issues. The problem may be caused by a malfunction like a bad heating element which can be fixed with water heater repairs. If the issue can’t be solved through repairs, the hot water heater is likely wearing out and needs to be replaced. 

No matter why you are pursuing water heater replacement, you want to get your new hot water heater installed before the old one suffers a major system failure. When water heaters malfunction, significant water damage can occur in the home. It’s wise to replace both tank water heaters and tankless water heaters prior to this point to help prevent water damage. 

Types of Water Heaters for Cincinnati Homes

When you’re due for water heater replacement, you have some choices to make regarding the type of hot water heater you will be installing. There are several models you can choose from and it helps to narrow down your choices by deciding on a few key parameters first. Determine the style of water heater you want to install, whether it be a tankless water heater or tank water heater, and the fuel type you will use to heat water, whether it is an electric water heater or a gas water heater. 

Tank Heaters Versus Tankless Heaters

A tank-style installation has long been the most common hot water heater choice in the Cincinnati area as these conventional water heater models have been around for many years. A tank water heater is a system that heats water before it is needed and stores it for later use. To install a tank water heater, there needs to be enough space to accommodate the size of the tank. The average cost of a tank water heater is usually less than tankless systems. 

Tankless water heaters are becoming more common as they are the preferred choice for energy efficiency in hot water heaters. They do not heat water ahead of time, but instead heat it as it is needed. Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters because they heat water on demand. There is no tank so you don’t need a great amount of space to install one of these water heaters. The average cost to install tankless models is typically more than the installation costs associated with tank-style water heaters. 

Gas Water Heaters Versus Electric Water Heaters

When choosing new hot water heaters, you also have to think about the type of fuel that will be used to heat water in your home. Think about the fuel sources that are already installed in your home as well as how they will impact the cost of hot water over the life of your water heater. 

If you do not have a gas line already installed in your home, the most likely choice will be electric heaters. Running new gas lines throughout the home can cost several thousands of dollars in labor costs which makes the price of water heater replacement much higher than many homeowners may be able to afford. If you live in a home where gas piping is already installed, you can decide between purchasing a natural gas water heater or an electric heater. 

Your choice of fuel for water heating impacts water heater replacement cost as well as ongoing costs. A gas water heater with a gas pilot light is typically more costly to purchase than electric heaters. Labor costs are equivalent for either type as long as there are no gas lines to install. Natural gas utility rates are typically lower than electricity which makes natural gas a preferred choice to heat water for many homeowners. Heating water with natural gas can help you save money over the life of the water heater. 

Additional Factors

Water heater replacement cost is also affected by the capacity of a hot water heater and its energy efficiency. 

  • A tank water heater measures capacity by how many gallons of hot water it can store. Tankless systems measure capacity by flow rate, which indicates the number of gallons of hot water it can make in a minute. 

  • The energy-efficient performance of a hot water heater impacts installation costs. High-efficiency water heaters typically cost more to purchase than units that are less efficient. While it may cost you more to buy a high-efficiency water heater, this type of hot water heater will help you save money over its lifespan because it will use less energy to heat water and your utility bills will be lower. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Water Heater?

Water heater replacement costs are different from one house to the next. The total water heater installation cost when a plumber replaces your water heater will include labor costs as well as the equipment costs for the new unit. If other work is needed to install the water heater correctly, such as installing gas lines, the cost is included here. 

The best way to figure out your water heater replacement cost is to call a licensed Ohio plumber. Your plumber will provide you with an estimate covering the cost of water heater replacement and help you choose the right hot water heater for your home. 

Water Heater Replacement in Cincinnati

If your Cincinnati home is in need of a new water heater, you probably wonder how much it costs to replace a water heater. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing helps Cincinnati homeowners by providing free estimates covering water heater replacement and water heater installation. Work with our team of licensed plumbers to find the best hot water heater for your family and our team will install it without error. Let us set you up with a new hot water heater that will deliver the hot water your household needs with maximum efficiency. Contact us today

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