Which AC Contractor Is Right for Your Home?

Summer is right around the corner, and air conditioners across the city are battling rising temperatures to keep residents comfortable. Your AC system does a lot of work over the spring, summer, and fall seasons – during these heavy periods of use, you may run into a problem with your cooling equipment. In this situation, a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor is your resource for restored comfort and energy efficiency.

Whether you wish to upgrade to a high-efficiency cooling system or have come home to find your current air conditioner is on the fritz, you need a skilled contractor. If you’ve never called for service before, you don’t have a starting point. With dozens of companies throughout the area, which Cincinnati air conditioning contractor do you call? A smart decision now has the ability to give you a professional you can count on over the years.

When you need to find a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor, follow the advice from our pros below. When you know where to look and what to look for, you’re able to make an informed decision and set your household up for success where your home comfort is concerned. For skilled air conditioning service in the Cincinnati area, contact the licensed, NATE-certified air conditioner technicians of Thomas & Galbraith.

Get a Recommendation for a Cincinnati Air Conditioning Contractor

For new homeowners, lucky homeowners, and those new to the area, the first time you need a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor, or any home services professional for that matter, often feels intimidating. Where do you start? We recommend you search for a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor recommendation the same place you’d start for other advice – those closest to you.

Remember, HVAC contractors are specific to a local area – they serve specific cities, towns, or regions. For an effective Cincinnati air conditioning contractor recommendation, you need to ask those closest to you, both personally and geographically.

  • Reach out to your friends who own homes in Cincinnati or nearby towns. Chances are if they’ve owned a home in the area long enough, someone you are close to has used a contractor’s services in the past.
  • Ask local family members for Cincinnati air conditioning contractor recommendations. If your family is originally from the Cincinnati area, it’s possible an aunt, cousin, grandparent, or other family member has built a longstanding relationship with a local contractor and will be happy to pass on this recommendation to you.
  • If you are close with your neighbors, talk to them about any heating and cooling work they’ve had done at home. Since they live right next door or down the street, you know their preferred Cincinnati air conditioning contractor serves your area.

Personal recommendations are often the best way to get opinions about a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor. Those closest to you care about you and want you to have a good experience with a professional who is equipped to solve your home comfort issues. They’re unlikely to knowingly lead you astray – you may hear rave reviews or detailed warnings about particular companies in the area. Both good and bad opinions are helpful as you decide which Cincinnati air conditioning contractor to hire for your cooling project.

Cincinnati Air Conditioning Contractor Trade Groups

If you’re new in town or don’t know any nearby homeowners, there are still trusted resources available to provide contractor recommendations. The following trade organizations are available to help you out with a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor recommendation, as well as other valuable resources:

  • Ohio Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC of Ohio): The PHCC of Ohio is a non-profit trade organization which represents more than 200 plumbing and HVAC contractors throughout the state. There is even a Cincinnati chapter with contractor members in your area.
  • Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio (ACCO): ACCO is an industry organization that provides technical and business training for contractors as well as oversight regarding legislation and regulations concerning the HVAC industry. Their Greater Cincinnati chapter is made up of area contractors ready to serve you.
  • Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati (BBB): The BBB of Cincinnati serves the Greater Cincinnati area, connecting homeowners and consumers with nearby companies and brands. Through the BBB, learn information about an individual Cincinnati air conditioning contractor that will help you decide who to hire. The BBB is also instrumental in resolving consumer complaints with local businesses.

Evaluating Cincinnati Air Conditioning Contractor Estimates

For new cooling system upgrades or replacement of existing air conditioning systems, you need a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor to perform this complex project. It is wise to obtain estimates from at least three nearby HVAC companies for your project. Each Cincinnati air conditioning contractor schedules a time to come to your home, discuss your goals and equipment options, and inspect the home to determine appropriate equipment sizing for best performance and energy efficiency.

Every Cincinnati air conditioning contractor who visits your home should provide an estimate that details the proposed work. This includes equipment brands, model numbers, and capacity, as well as the other work needed to facilitate proper installation. Take the time to carefully review each estimate and ask the contractor for clarification on any point you need. It is important that you know what equipment and service each estimate includes so that you are able to fairly compare each against the others.

The installation of a new air conditioning system is an investment into your household’s comfort. A new AC system is typically always more expensive than repairs – and if it isn’t, you should probably replace with a new unit versus making costly repairs to your old system. A word of caution – don’t let the estimate price be the only determining factor when you decide which Cincinnati air conditioning contractor to hire. There are other qualities to consider to ensure you have the best experience when working with a local HVAC company.

In the event of a sudden, unexpected air conditioning malfunction, time is not on your side – you want a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor to come out fast to fix the problem, especially in the heat of summer. In this case, waiting for multiple estimates isn’t always practical – and it can get expensive. Your recommendations, whether from someone you personally know or a trade organization, are better guidance in this situation.

Local HVAC companies charge a fee for service calls that cover repair situations. This fee pays for the diagnostics needed to find your system’s issues and the company’s time. You may be able to find promotions offered by the contractor that cover or discount the company’s service call fee. Expect to pay a higher fee for an emergency service call overnight, on the weekend, or on a holiday.

Other Factors to Consider When You Hire a Cincinnati Air Conditioning Contractor

When you take the time to thoroughly vet a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor, you are more likely to find a company who is able to assist you for the long haul, not just solve your immediate problems. Establishing this professional relationship now eliminates the need to perform this search all over again next time, and gives you a trustworthy company to call upon should you experience cooling system issues in the future.

Work with a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor who holds the following:

  • License and Certifications: In Ohio, HVAC contractors must hold a state-level contractor license to perform heating and cooling work in a home. To obtain a license, a tradesperson must have a minimum of five years’ working history in the trade, with no breaks in work history in the trade over the five-year period immediately before applying for a license. Ask your Cincinnati air conditioning contractor for his or her license number and verify the license is active.

A certification from the Environmental Protection Agency is also required of HVAC technicians. To obtain this certification, the technician undergoes training and education regarding safe and proper refrigerant handling. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is an organization that offers independent, voluntary certification for HVAC professionals covering a wide range of industry equipment and topics.

  • Insurance: Make sure you are protected whenever a Cincinnati air conditioning contractor works in your home. Ask your contractor if he or she carries the appropriate liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies to protect you if someone is hurt while working in your home or if your property is damaged by the company.
  • Warranty: Warranty protection provides valuable coverage should your new air conditioner’s components malfunction. New equipment warranties are issued by the manufacturer and cover specific system components for a set period of time. Ask your contractor about your new system’s warranty and what you need to do to ensure it is valid. Your contractor may also provide a warranty on labor which protects you if problems with the system arise due to installation work. Some HVAC companies offer a satisfaction guarantee or a similarly-named program, which stands as a commitment by the company to resolve customer issues.

Thomas & Galbraith – Your Cincinnati Air Conditioning Contractor

Thomas & Galbraith has cared for the cooling and indoor comfort needs of Cincinnati residents and homeowners in the surrounding communities for over 40 years. Your indoor comfort is our priority – in the summer, that means supplying skilled cooling services for equipment installation, repair, and maintenance to keep your family safe and cool.

If you need a new air conditioner or need to boost performance of your existing unit, turn to the Cincinnati air conditioning contractor pros at Thomas & Galbraith. Contact us today and we’ll get to work for you!

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