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Air Conditioner Repair Cost for Common Cooling System Issues

When an air conditioner breaks down, is blowing warm air, makes strange noises, or fails to deliver enough cool air, homeowners call an HVAC professional repair company for air conditioning repair. HVAC technicians are skilled professionals who can diagnose issues with your air conditioning unit and make the needed HVAC repair to restore the function and performance of your AC system.

However, cost is a concern whenever homeowners request a repair service call. The average AC repair cost can vary greatly depending on the issues present and the work needed to fix your AC unit. HVAC services to repair an air conditioning system can involve an AC repair like stopping a refrigerant leak, performing a refrigerant recharge, or clearing a clogged condensate pump or condensate drain line. Or, your home AC or heat pump may require the replacement of components such as the evaporator coil, fan motor, circuit board, AC compressor, AC capacitor, or you’ll need an entire replacement AC condensing unit.

While it’s impossible to tell you the air conditioning repair cost without visiting your house and looking at your air conditioning unit, the AC repair cost for certain issues is typically within a certain range. Thomas & Galbraith share the repair costs and replacement cost for common AC problems so you have an idea of what to expect when you call for HVAC repair.

 What to Expect From Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioner has a problem, such as high energy bills, producing warm air, or not making enough cool air, you should call an HVAC professional repair company and request a service call to repair your central AC unit, heat pump, or ductless air conditioner. The service call will be scheduled at your convenience, and a licensed HVAC technician will visit your home at that time to diagnose any issues present with your home AC unit.

  • HVAC technicians complete diagnostics to assess the air conditioning system and uncover the issues causing the symptoms you feel inside the home.

  • These findings, as well as their solutions, are presented by your HVAC technician so you can better understand what is wrong with your AC system and what it will take to fix your air conditioner.

  • You will receive an estimate for repair costs, which can include costs for the replacement of any parts that are unfit for repair or unable to be fixed.

  • If you agree to the air conditioner repair cost proposed, you can approve of the repair, and the HVAC technician will perform the work needed to fix your AC unit.

  • If the repair includes the cost to replace certain components, these parts may not be immediately available and must be ordered. HVAC technicians will return at a later date to complete HVAC services once the part is available.

Get Free Estimates or Pay a Service Call Fee?

It’s common to get free estimates for the cost to replace an air conditioner when you need a new air conditioning system for your home. However, when you need air conditioning repair, it’s not likely you’ll be able to call around and get free estimates. Most every HVAC repair company charges a service call fee when sending HVAC technicians to a home to diagnose air conditioning issues in need of repair.

The service call fee covers costs associated with mileage, vehicle upkeep, and to pay per hour labor costs for HVAC technicians. Average AC repair cost is much lower than the average cost to replace an entire air conditioning or HVAC system, so the cost of a service call makes it possible for homeowners to access professional diagnostics performed by an HVAC technician for their system.

When you request service for air conditioner repair, expect to pay this fee just to have the HVAC technician come to your home. Depending on the company, costs for diagnostic HVAC services may be included in the fee for the visit, or they may be a separate cost. A diagnostic cost covers the skilled testing and services performed to find out what is wrong with AC units. If you choose to hire that HVAC company to perform the AC repair, any separate diagnostic costs may be waived depending on company policies.

The average cost for a repair service visit alone can be between $50 and $250. Costs will vary based on the HVAC company you contact, as well as if you need emergency air conditioner repair services.

Average Cost for Common AC Repair Issues

AC repair cost is separate from the cost paid for the service visit. The cost to repair your air conditioner involves any replacement parts needed, along with the labor fee per hour for a skilled HVAC technician to perform the work and test the efficacy of the air conditioning repair made to your AC unit.

Various issues can affect an air conditioning unit, requiring an HVAC professional to make repairs. Overall, the average cost to fix AC units is between $150 and $600. Minor air conditioning unit repair issues will be on the lower end of this spectrum, like thermostat replacement with a low-end AC thermostat model. More complicated issues, such as compressor replacement or replacement for the entire condensing unit, will certainly exceed the average cost to repair an air conditioning unit.

Below, find the average AC repair costs for common problems that impact central air conditioners so you’ll know what you can expect to pay when you need AC unit repair.

Leak Repair for a Refrigerant Leak 

A Puron or Freon leak stops your central air conditioning unit from producing enough cool air. Leak repair service involves finding damage and listening for strange noises to identify the location of the Puron or Freon leak, which may be in the refrigerant lines, AC compressor, or elsewhere in the system. Leak repair must be performed before a refrigerant recharge, and the cost to fix a leak usually runs between $225 to $1600, depending on severity and location of the leak.

AC Recharge Cost 

Once an AC repair for a refrigerant leak is completed, refrigerant recharge is needed to fill your central air conditioner with the proper amount of coolant to do its job correctly without losing energy efficiency. AC recharge can only be performed by an HVAC technician who holds the proper license from the Environmental Protection Agency. For AC units using Puron, the AC recharge cost is lower than with an air conditioner using Freon, as the Freon supply is limited due to the federal phaseout. AC repair costs for adding refrigerant to air conditioners run between $100 to $800.

Replacement AC Circuit Board

If the circuit board inside your furnace or air handler wears out or is damaged because of an electrical surge, the entire circuit board requires replacement. The circuit board controls the operation of the blower fan motor as your air conditioner runs. The cost to repair this issue is typically between $100 to $800.

Circuit Breaker Replacement Cost

Power to air conditioners is controlled by circuit breakers in the home. If a home AC unit causes the circuit breaker to trip whenever the HVAC system comes on, this causes circuit breakers to wear out quickly and require replacement. Replacement cost for new circuit breakers can run between $25 to $300.

AC Thermostat Replacement Cost 

An AC thermostat typically lasts around 10 years before needing replacement. Thermostat replacement cost depends on the type of AC thermostat you choose to have installed. Manual thermostats are the most affordable but are very basic; programmable thermostats are middle of the road and offer more features; and smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are the most expensive but offer the most user-friendly features and opportunities to improve HVAC system energy efficiency. The thermostat replacement cost you should expect to pay runs between $100 to $1000 based on equipment chosen.

Replacement Cost for New Condensate Pump

The condensate pump works to push condensation out of the AC system through the drain line, preventing moisture issues and water damage. Condensate pump replacement cost runs between $250 to $440 on average.

Flush Condensate Drain Line 

Clogs in the condensate drain line cause moisture to back up in the air conditioner, which can be damaging. The repair cost to have the drain line flushed runs between $75 to $250. If replacement is needed because the condensate drain line is damaged, a new condensate drain line is usually only around $20.

Replace AC Capacitor

The AC capacitor on your air conditioner energizes the fan motor when the air conditioning system starts a cooling cycle. If you have a bad AC capacitor, the motor and fan will not work. Replacement is the better choice versus repair for the AC capacitor, and replacement cost usually runs between $50 to $200.

Replace AC Condenser Fan Motor 

Bearings within the fan motor inside your condensing unit can wear out or fail, producing strange noises that sound like screeching. The cost to repair bearings can be higher than full replacement for the fan motor if the fan motor is sealed, which is why replacement is usually suggested. The cost for this central air conditioning repair issue is typically between $400 to $500.

Evaporator Coil Repair

The evaporator coil is an indoor component within the central air conditioning unit. Leaking refrigerant, corrosion on the evaporator coil, and other issues cause the need for replacement, as simple AC repair isn’t possible. The repair cost for replacing an evaporator coil runs between $600 to $1,200.

AC Compressor Replacement 

The AC compressor pressurizes refrigerant to efficiently release heat. When bearings, pistons, and other parts inside the AC compressor fail, it won’t work right, which can increase your energy bills. AC repair isn’t recommended – it’s best to replace the entire component. The repair cost for a new AC compressor replacement inside your outdoor air conditioner unit runs around $1,800.

AC Repair for the Condensing Unit Coil 

A split-system air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is called the condenser, and it contains the compressor and condensing coils. The condenser coils wrap around the interior of the unit and allow the unit to release heat as part of the cooling process. If the coils fail or leak, it may be best to have a replacement condensing unit coil installed. Repair cost for a new outdoor condenser coil in your AC unit runs between $400 to $1,200.

Determining Air Conditioner Repair Cost 

An air conditioning system can experience many issues over the years. Different air conditioner problems have different solutions as well as a varying repair cost. If your AC unit doesn’t perform as it should, call Thomas & Galbraith for air conditioner repair service. We are happy to provide you with an estimate for the repair cost and make the repairs so your air conditioner runs at its best once more.

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