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The Importance of HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati

As a conscientious homeowner, you are probably aware that one of the most expensive systems in your home is the heating and cooling system. However, did you know that regular maintenance can help your entire HVAC system, both air conditioning and heating units, last longer and work more efficiently? Additionally, HVAC systems that receive annual maintenance will likely maintain their manufacturer warranties and reduce energy costs, allowing you to save money for years to come.

If you are looking for someone to help you keep proper functioning of HVAC units at peak efficiency, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here to help. We are here to help you understand the importance of preventive maintenance to keep your entire system running smoothly and to prevent future problems. Our maintenance checklist can be a helpful tool to keep your heating and cooling systems in good shape for years to come.

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HVAC Maintenance Prevents the Need for Major Repairs

Everyone has a different temperature at which they feel most comfortable. Whether you are someone who runs the air conditioner until the snow falls, or you tend to rely more on your furnace, any HVAC problems can leave you needing help. If you cannot remember when your HVAC unit had a thorough inspection, it’s time to get an HVAC technician in your home. An annual HVAC inspection may sound a bit pricey, but it will pay for itself in several ways, including the following.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

The efficiency at which an HVAC unit functions will determine how much energy it uses to function. New units with new moving parts will provide proper airflow with little effort. However, an air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump unit may have minor problems that bog down the system. For example, it could have dirty coils, condensate drain lines that need some attention, or an air filter filled with dirt and debris. Your HVAC equipment will only function like new for so long before you need some maintenance. To keep it running smoothly, you should schedule an annual HVAC preventive maintenance visit.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

The cost of your HVAC maintenance will usually be reflected on your energy bill. An HVAC system that is functioning well will save energy and, in turn, save you money. When your heating system and AC units are working well, they will consume less energy as they run, while maintaining safe operation. If you have not had your system serviced in a while, you will probably be pleasantly surprised to see how an HVAC maintenance visit will affect your future energy bills.

Less Frequent Repairs

Depending on where you live, the weather can vary drastically, from sweltering summers to frozen winters. Living through each season can be hard on people. Now imagine what your home’s air conditioning and heating elements have to go through—they battle daily to get your home’s temperature to match your thermostat settings, and that takes tremendous effort.

While your air conditioner may have been in tip-top shape at the beginning of the summer, come fall the refrigerant levels may be off, the outdoor unit covered with debris, and the electrical connections may need repair. A heat pump or furnace confronts a similar fight, only to produce some warm air. Regular, proactive HVAC maintenance is necessary to prevent emergencies and repair costs. Any struggling components will be replaced regularly during your routine maintenance to ensure that your HVAC system is ready for anything.

Better Air Quality

Something that you may not be aware of is the fact that your HVAC has a very basic, built-in air filtration system. While your heating and cooling systems function, air is pumped through your home’s air filters, removing bacteria, debris, and particulates. It makes sense then that the better your HVAC system functions, the better your indoor air quality will be. Should any blower components or air filters of your system struggle because of improper maintenance, the people in your home may actually begin to feel a difference in air quality. Regular HVAC maintenance can help to keep your family healthy by removing irritants and preventing harmful allergens from entering your home’s airflow.

Warranty Protection

In order to maintain a valid warranty on your system, most manufacturers require an annual HVAC maintenance exam from a licensed technician. This is another way in which your HVAC maintenance cost is saving your money. Protecting your warranty can save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs. For example, should your heat exchanger, fuel lines, or refrigerant lines need replacement, and you have not kept your warranty intact, you may be required to pay for the entire repair out of pocket. However, a well-maintained system with a protected warranty will be replaced by the manufacturer, saving you tons of money.

HVAC Maintenance Questions? We’ve Got Answers

If you are still unsure about keeping your HVAC system well maintained, you may just need some more information. At Thomas & Galbraith, we have been answering people’s HVAC questions for many years, and we welcome yours. Here are a few answers to common HVAC maintenance questions.

Is there anything I can do to help maintain my system?

While a maintenance exam from a licensed technician will still be necessary, there are several things you can do to protect your HVAC system. Here are a few small things that you can do to help your system function well between visits.

  • As previously mentioned, both your heating and cooling system rely heavily on your air filter. To keep air flowing easily through your home, it is wise to follow manufacturer recommendations and change your air filter frequently.
  • Make sure that the outside unit of your air conditioner is at least two feet from all furniture, landscaping, and walls.
  • It is also necessary that you keep your outdoor unit free from anything that could damage the inside of the system, including grass clippings, debris, fallen branches, or leaves.

How often does my system need regular maintenance?

We recommend that you get your entire HVAC system serviced at least once a year. A regular maintenance exam will include inspection of the heating system, air conditioning, and any other HVAC equipment you have in your home. Yearly exams will ensure that your system does not require repair and that all components are functioning as the manufacturer designed.

What is on the HVAC maintenance checklist?

During an HVAC maintenance exam, our NATE-certified technicians go through an HVAC maintenance checklist to ensure that your entire system is functioning correctly. While the process is very in-depth, technicians will usually perform a visual inspection and some of the following tasks depending on the season.

  • Clean the unit’s coils and drip pans
  • Clean the condensate drain
  • Check the drain lines
  • Ensure proper lubrication of moving parts
  • Evaluate electrical components
  • Inspect fuel and refrigerant lines
  • Verify that thermostat temp is the actual temperature
  • Verify appropriate heating and cooling

Can I skip maintenance for a year?

It may be tempting to think that you can skip a year of maintenance since your system has not had any problems this season. However, the reason your HVAC system is healthy is likely due to regular maintenance. With how much stress your system takes each season, it really does need constant support from our talented technicians. With such a significant investment on the line, take care of your HVAC system as you would an expensive car. You wouldn’t skip a year of oil changes and still expect your car to run well, would you? Your HVAC system is no different; if you give it the attention and repair it needs, it is unlikely to let you down.

Is HVAC maintenance expensive?

With how much HVAC repairs cost, maintenance expenses are very affordable. Additionally, at Thomas & Galbraith, we offer coupons and maintenance plans that further reduce the price. Preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling unit is worth the cost because it helps to keep your system running efficiently, which in turn saves you money on repairs and your energy bill. Just think: if you cannot afford to keep your system running well, you will have to pay to repair it.

Keep Your System Going Strong

With the hot Cincinnati summer coming to a close and a cold winter on the horizon, you need to do everything in your power to keep your air conditioner and heating system running strong. Thomas & Galbraith is here to help you with our NATE-certified technicians offering regular maintenance exams at a reasonable rate. Call us today to set up an appointment or to get an estimate on an HVAC maintenance plan for your home.

To recap, with regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC system, you can:

  • Ensure your family’s comfort all season long.
  • Improve efficiency by maintaining peak performance.
  • Lower your monthly energy bill.
  • Prevent up to 70% of heating and cooling repairs.
  • Prolong the system’s life by up to 10 years.

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