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White Rodgers is a brand of Emerson Climate Technologies US. White Rodgers was started by two former Emerson Electric Co. employees, James Rodgers, and Chesterfield White. They first worked to develop a new control type for temperature and refrigeration systems using hydraulic action. In 1962, White Rodgers became part of Emerson.

White Rodgers is a leading manufacturer of HVAC thermostats and controls. The company is credited with the production of the first user-friendly digital programmable thermostat, which was introduced in 1983. White Rodgers also become the first HVACR manufacturer in the US to be certified under ISO 9001.

During World War II, White Rodgers shifted a significant portion of their manufacturing efforts over to produce temperature and pressure controls as well as servo mechanisms for the United States armed forces. The company produced heavy-duty military-grade temperature controls that were based on the hydraulic temperature controls they produced, which would be used on military aircraft vital throughout the war effort. During these years, White Rodgers also produced blasting machines, which were electric generators that could set off dynamite charges.

After the war, White Rodgers returned focus to the development and production of residential controls for heating, cooling, and refrigeration, though the company did return to military armament production during the Korean War. 

Throughout the company’s rich history, they have remained committed to developing innovative solutions for comfort control. Today, they continue to deliver innovative solutions to modern issues. Thomas & Galbraith is proud to service all White Rodgers equipment for our customers.

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