WaterFurnace started out in 1983. Even in the 1980s, WaterFurnace knew the importance of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products. Because of this, they started out with geothermal products and proudly continue to innovate in the geothermal field. 

In 2012, WaterFurnace launched the first variable capacity geothermal heat pump for homeowners. With a variable speed compressor, blower motor, and loop pump, the system adjusts to the capacity available. This means it fits the needs of the space at any given time. By 2014, WaterFurnace joined the NIBE team, which is a heat pump manufacturer in Sweden. This merger allows WaterFurnace to further improve their technologies while still providing quality comfort to their customers.

WaterFurnace provides residential and commercial products to customers all over the world. They are one of the biggest international sellers currently in the market. They prioritize cost effective, comfortable options for every budget. WaterFurnace wants every customer to benefit from geothermal products, so they make sure products are affordable. All of these features allow Thomas & Galbraith to proudly service their products. 

One of their unique products provides homeowners with radiant heat, which means the heat has no moving air and uses the floor to reach all parts of the space. This keeps the floor itself warm while also providing heat to the space. 

There are four different configurations to choose from—All-In-One, Hydronic, Split, and Combo. In all of these categories, most of the products are Energy Star certified. Each type provides comfort to the customer. For example, All-In-One devices provide year-round comfort through ground source heat pump systems. Those with traditional furnaces often switch to this system because of its efficiency and money-saving properties.

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