Though Tempstar is a relatively new HVAC company, they provide homeowners with quality comfort and products that last. Tempstar’s goal revolves around exceptional efficiency and comfort. Their hard-working products allow homeowners to rest comfortably in their home because they know Tempstar HVAC systems are built to last. 

100% of Tempstar products are run-tested, which means they are all inspected for quality and reliability before they enter the market. Because of this, Thomas & Galbraith proudly services Tempstar products. This company is one of the most trusted brands for dealers, and it shows in the quality of their products. 

The warranties offered by Tempstar last up to 10 years on all of the parts. Compressors have their own warranty to give extra security to homeowners. Additionally, the products in their budget-friendly Performance Series all have SEER ratings from 13 to 19, which means homeowners don’t need to compromise on efficiency if funds are tight. SEER ratings are the seasonal energy efficiency ratios, and the higher they are, the more efficient the unit!

Tempstar also keeps different climates in mind when they design their systems. For example, some units are specially made for coastal regions. These models offer protection from salty air caused by close proximity to the ocean. This ensures the unit lasts a long time despite corrosive coastal air. 

Lastly, Tempstar also offers high-end units for those who want a deluxe experience. These models come with a 10-year, no-hassle replacement warranty and the highest SEER ratings out of all of their products. Plus, these units are incredibly quiet, so homeowners hardly know they’re there.

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