The Lochinvar company started in 1939 as the Walter Vallett Company, named after founder Wallter Vallet, Sr. The company began manufacturing water heaters for residential, commercial, and industrial use. In 1952, the company acquired the Michigan Tank and Furnace company, and purchased the Lochinvar brand. Lochinvar is currently a part of the A.O. Smith Corporation.

Lochinvar is an established manufacturer of energy efficient solutions for water heating at home and beyond. As a leader in research and development, Lochinvar is home to the largest industry research and development department in North America. Their dedicated team of engineers continuously work to drive innovation that delivers higher energy efficiency products, and solutions that provide new ways to solve consumer challenges.

Water heating products from Lochinvar deliver maximum thermal efficiency, up to 99 percent! Their ability to convert 99 percent of energy consumed into useable water heating energy provides users with substantial value that is unmatched in the industry. All products undergo rigorous testing to validate performance and reliability both in the lab and out in the field.

Lochinvar’s training program, Lochinvar University, helps service providers better understand their products and their applications. Trainings are conducted on-site at Lochinvar headquarters and a number of online resources are available to provide education regarding the company’s products, how they work, and the problems they solve.

Lochinvar University helps engineers, contractors, and end-users stay up to date with the advanced technology Lochinvar produces. Hands-on live lab training and classroom education are combined to deliver the most thorough training available.

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