Nominate a community volunteer for a FREE water heater.  NOMINATE HERE

Nominate a community volunteer for a FREE water heater.  NOMINATE HERE


Lennox began in 1895 with the world’s first riveted-steel furnace. After this point, Lennox went on to head the HVAC sphere with innovative technologies and a dedication to efficiency. In 1952, Lennox expanded their products to include residential central air conditioning systems. As the world’s leading residential and commercial HVAC company, Lennox continues to lead the way in innovation.

It’s this focus on innovation that makes Thomas & Galbraith so proud to service Lennox products. Because Lennox continuously improves their units to reflect the needs of the planet on the whole, their products are top of the line when it comes to efficiency. In 2013, Lennox created the XC25—the most efficient air conditioner on the market. With a SEER rating of 26, this air conditioner blows other units away in terms of energy efficiency. 

In addition to the high SEER rating and overall efficiency benefits, Lennox’s Healthy Climate Solutions™ work with HVAC systems to improve air quality in residential and commercial spaces. This initiative focuses on improvement of air quality through humidity control, air purification, and no ozone production. Many air cleaners produce ozone in their processes, which irritates the lungs. The PureAir™ purification system, however, reduces ozone levels throughout the home. 

Their commercial products tailor to the needs of every industry. Lennox ensures their commercial products are able to fit the demands of every kind of business, which means they prioritize comfort and efficiency. From education buildings to healthcare facilities, Lennox covers the bases with their commercial systems. 

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