What started as a lantern and camp stove company in 1900 turned into Coleman, the HVAC equipment seller. This journey began in 1958 with a start in mobile homes. After this, they fully entered the HVAC market to provide homeowners with high quality air at an affordable price.

The Coleman name has weaved itself into American history through contributions to society when times were tough. For example, during the Great Depression, Coleman met the new needs of homeowners by switching to gas floor furnaces and oil space heaters. Further, in World War II, Coleman created the GI pocket stove to provide soldiers with warmth and a place to cook their meals. 

Coleman products are dependable above all else. Because of their rigorous testing, Coleman products put through the ringer before they reach homeowners. This ensures the products are ready for use and are able to provide consumers with the best experience. Thomas & Galbraith services Coleman products with pleasure because of their dedication to customer comfort. 

Coleman products are built to last. Over 100 years on the market proves this fact. Coleman products have seen World Wars, economic hardship, and many other challenges, but the products continue to provide customers with quality heating and cooling. 

To further their dedication to the customer, Coleman provides some of the best warranties around. Nearly all of their products come with extensive warranties that cover systems and parts for 10 years. Heat exchangers receive a lifetime limited warranty. Additionally, most units also have labor coverage for 90 days.

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