ClimateMaster began in the 1950s as a domestic energy and geothermal heating and cooling company. Today, the company continues to create products in this category. Their heating and cooling systems have serviced America for more than 50 years, and ClimateMaster has pursued quality comfort for customers in all of those years.

The company is proud to say products are engineered and assembled in the United States. Their base in Oklahoma City provides 600 American jobs and supports 1,200 independent dealers. ClimateMaster’s dedication to American quality and independent dealers makes Thomas & Galbraith proud to say we service their products. 

ClimateMaster’s products utilize geothermal technology to provide heating and cooling. Geothermal products use the ground as a heat source. This means heating and cooling systems use less energy overall because they gather energy from the ground. Geothermal heating and cooling also drops operational costs because there are fewer mechanics involved. ClimateMaster’s geothermal heat pumps provide homeowners with energy efficient heating and cooling with the added benefit of lower bills.

Commercial customers also benefit from ClimateMaster’s geothermal systems. ClimateMaster believes in comfort with the highest efficiency possible, and they know commercial spaces often use more energy than residential ones. Because of this, all of their commercial products also use geothermal technology to improve the efficiency of their products. 

Their products also come in a range of sizes to fit the needs of every space. Like with all other environmentally friendly aspects of ClimateMaster’s products, this variety allows energy usage to stay as minimal as possible.

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