Bosch Thermotechnology is a member of the Bosch Group, a leading worldwide supplier of consumer goods and building technology products. Bosch manufactures high performance products for home space and water heating, as well as a variety of systems for commercial use.

The goal of every product manufactured by Bosch is clear – they are designed to provide innovative and beneficial solutions to enhance the quality of day to day living. Their product development is motivated by environmental stewardship, as Bosch stands at the forefront in development of next-generation technologies which deliver higher performance while increasing the conservation of the world’s natural resources.

Thomas & Galbraith is proud to offer Bosch HVAC and plumbing products for use by our residential and commercial customers. Bosch products offer stand-alone solutions or may integrate and work together to allow users enhanced efficiency and improved comfort. Bosch HVAC and plumbing products are backed by excellent warranty terms that deliver added protection and peace of mind for our customers. The brand offers accredited contractor training and qualification to ensure end users receive the best experience when purchasing and using Bosch products.

As a testament to their commitment to the development of energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions, Bosch has completed a number of case studies regarding the installation of residential geothermal systems, residential heating units, and residential hot water systems. The use of Bosch products has generated quantifiable savings for users as well as noticeable improvements in home comfort and system performance.

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