Armstrong came to be in 1928 as a part of the Lennox Furnace Company. What started as a furnace company has become one of the most trusted air conditioning and heating brands in America. With a dedication to comfort and low environmental impacts, Armstrong produces top-of-the-line products that homeowners trust.

Thomas & Galbraith services Armstrong equipment with care and pride. Because their products are made to last and use the newest technologies, they are easy to use and maintain. For example, Armstrong continuously makes improvements to their manufacturing processes. They do not include any VOCs—volatile organic compounds—in their production. Additionally, materials are mostly recycled, and they generate zero wastewater during production. 

Their mission statement focuses largely on research and continuous improvement. The design engineers at Armstrong are able to test their new inventions easily with our 40,000-square-foot research facility. This space allows engineers to create the highest quality equipment with the newest technology available. As a result, our products and replacement parts are always improving. 

Armstrong also understands the differences between every homeowner. While some are able to afford more deluxe HVAC equipment, others need budget-friendly options. At Armstrong, no homeowner suffers because of their budget. With their flexible financing options, Armstrong allows homeowners with smaller budgets to acquire the model they really want. They ensure homeowners never compromise on their needs because of the price

Award Winning & Industry-Leading

Who Is MAX?

Max is an important part of our team. He is more than just a cartoon character. Max represents our commitment to quality work, craftsmanship, pride, and our passion to serve our clients and community. We celebrate this mentality through Max because these are the values that drive us to be the area’s most complete and comprehensive home service company. So, now when you see Max, you’ll know the story behind the man with the mustache!