Protect Your Air Conditioner and Furnace with a Professional Heating and Cooling Tune-Up

It’s about preventing heating and cooling problems!

Running your HVAC system for one year is like driving your car over 100,000 miles. That’s about 10 years worth of travel. Would you change the oil or tune-up the car during that time? Of course you would because a car is a big ticket item that you rely on every day! Well, a heating and cooling system is one of the largest investments in your home. Planned maintenance can save you money by lowering your energy bills, minimizing the need for repairs, validating warranties, increasing comfort and air quality, minimizing service interruptions, and increasing equipment life.

When you have professional, seasonal maintenance on your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump equipment:

  • You help minimize the need for expensive repairs.
  • You help extend the life of your equipment.
  • You may save significantly on monthly energy bills.
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