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Best Heating and Cooling Replacement Services in Cincinnati

Replacement System Installation for Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC Units in the Cincinnati, OH Area

Unfortunately, there are no HVAC systems that will last forever, no matter the HVAC brand. At some point in time, every central air conditioner AC unit, heat pump, air handler, gas furnace, geothermal heat pump, high velocity HVAC system, and electric furnace system, even high efficiency units, will require a full HVAC replacement. Whether the existing system experiences a catastrophic breakdown or you simply want to save money on energy costs and lower those high energy bills, new furnace installation or air conditioner installation can supply your home’s HVAC system with the new air conditioner or heater needed for improved comfort and savings.

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing performs HVAC installation for heating and cooling replacement in homes across the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Our Comfort Consultants serve as an amazing resource to help you compare and evaluate new HVAC system equipment options, including heating system and air conditioning system choices. Receive a detailed estimate for HVAC replacement cost, which includes the HVAC system cost as well as HVAC installation costs so you can compare average cost between reputable HVAC contractors. When you’re ready to proceed with HVAC installation, our heating and air conditioning contractors are ready to remove your old HVAC unit and complete the thorough installation process for your new HVAC system choices, whether you choose geothermal heating cooling, conventional furnace and air conditioner cooling systems, heat pumps, boilers, or ductless HVAC systems.

Replacement HVAC system installation cost is a significant investment for any Cincinnati area homeowner. Your new HVAC installation choices will impact you financially as well as affect comfort inside the home for years to come. When completing a major home improvement project like installing a new HVAC unit, don’t trust just anyone with the job – Thomas & Galbraith’s HVAC contractors are licensed and NATE certified to ensure our customers receive top-notch AC system and heating system installation to provide maximum efficiency, longevity, and value.

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Heating and Cooling System Options for New HVAC System Installation in Cincinnati, OH

When the time comes to replace the entire HVAC system in your Cincinnati area home, choosing the right HVAC contractor is just as important as choosing the right new air conditioning unit, furnace, or heat pump. Quality installation services are critical to the ongoing performance of your new system, and they protect the heating and cooling system from damage due to installation defects. Plus, it’s important you trust your HVAC contractor to help you select the right new HVAC unit for your home in the first place.

Different households and homes require different conditions from HVAC equipment. Heating and cooling HVAC system choices are highly personal and should fit your preferences as well as the necessities as dictated by your house and its occupants. While cost factors are certainly important to your budget, the final cost shouldn’t be the only element you consider as you select a new system. System efficiency, HVAC unit hot air and cool air capacity in British thermal units, special features, ongoing heating and cooling costs, air quality attributes such as humidity control, and additional system components such as programmable thermostats are all characteristics that should play a role in your decision.

Because replacing an entire HVAC system requires that you make difficult heating and cooling system choices, Thomas & Galbraith provides you with the professional resources needed to help you take control of your purchase decisions and simplify this monumental task. You’ll have access to a dedicated Comfort Consultant who possesses detailed knowledge on every split system AC unit and heat pump option, as well as all air handlers, geothermal heating systems, furnace system units, and ductless HVAC equipment choice we offer. Use our team for assistance as you compare and evaluate different cooling system and heating choices so you feel confident in your purchase choices rather than face the uncertainty of attempting heating and cooling system comparisons on your own.

Your Cincinnati Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is proud to serve you as Cincinnati’s reputable Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Carrier is a leading HVAC brand trusted by homeowners for over a century! Backed by a longstanding reputation for quality and superior performance, we are thrilled to offer you a wide selection of new Carrier HVAC equipment for new HVAC installation in your home. No matter what type of new system equipment you prefer, you’ll have a range of options to choose from in order to find the new heating and air conditioning unit that offers the seasonal energy efficiency ratio SEER rating or annual fuel utilization efficiency AFUE rating you desire, as well as the user-friendly features and HVAC system costs that fit your budget.

Our Comfort Consultants help you explore the heating and cooling HVAC system options available for HVAC installation in your home, including:

  • Air conditioning system units
  • Heat pump HVAC unit models
  • Gas furnace HVAC unit options
  • Electric furnace HVAC unit models
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system choices
  • Boiler HVAC unit options
  • High velocity HVAC system models
  • Ductless HVAC unit systems

How Much Does HVAC Replacement Cost in Cincinnati, OH?

When it’s time to upgrade to a new HVAC system, new HVAC system cost is at the top of every Cincinnati homeowner’s mind. With an average cost totaling several thousands of dollars, it’s no question why HVAC system cost is a leading factor in the selection of equipment for new HVAC systems.

As you shop around for a new HVAC system, it’s important that you understand what’s included in the final cost on each estimate you receive from local HVAC contractors. Not all estimates for HVAC costs are equal, and it’s important that you know what each estimate covers so you can properly compare cost factors.

When you receive an estimate for HVAC replacement cost from Thomas & Galbraith, the HVAC costs covered in the total price you see include:

  • The new HVAC system cost which is the price of the HVAC systems you have selected, whether it be central air conditioner AC units, air handlers, heat pumps, furnaces, a ductless HVAC system, or boilers.
  • Installation costs for the HVAC contractor to perform the skilled labor necessary to place the new HVAC system into service for your home.
  • Any installation costs covering additional work needed to facilitate performance of the new HVAC system, such as repairs to ductwork or HVAC installation for a new thermostat.

When looking at HVAC system cost and total HVAC replacement cost, installation costs aren’t the only financial numbers you’ll want to pay attention to. The energy efficiency of any new air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, boiler, or ductless HVAC system you choose will have an impact on the energy costs you’ll pay over the lifetime of your system.

If high energy bills have been a problem in your home and your desire is to save money through heating cooling replacement, it’s important to choose an HVAC system with an AFUE or SEER rating that will generate the warm air and cool air you need at the energy efficiency level you’re looking for. As you shop for new HVAC systems, our team will be happy to help you estimate the energy use of the HVAC system in your house so you gain a better idea of what cost you can expect to see on your utility bills.

When to Replace Heating Cooling Systems in Your Home

The decision to move forward with installing a replacement HVAC system can be difficult to time. Due to the price tag of the existing heater or AC unit, homeowners aim to maximize the value and use of current heating cooling equipment while avoiding pushing heating or cooling systems to their limit, where a sudden breakdown could leave the family without warm air or cooling when outdoor temperatures make HVAC systems a necessity.

To avoid getting stuck without a working AC unit, furnace, boiler, or heat pump when you absolutely need one, you need to time your full HVAC replacement strategically. The right decision is different for every household, but the most important factors to consider when you evaluate your existing system and replacement options are as follows:

  • Age of the HVAC System: The average service life for various HVAC systems is as follows: air conditioner units – 10 to 15 years; heat pump units – 10 to 12 years; gas furnaces – 15 to 20 years; electric furnaces – 20 to 30 years; geothermal systems – 20 to 50 years; boilers – 15 to 25 years; and ductless systems – 10 to 30 years.
  • Repair Needs & Costs: HVAC systems are more likely to see an increase in repair frequency in their last two years. If you notice increasing repairs or the cost of repairs is high, replacement may be a better route to travel.
  • Comfort Control: If it has been difficult to control temperatures across the home, this is a sign your HVAC system needs to be replaced. Issues such as hot and cold spots, not enough heating cooling, and longer cycles to achieve usual temperatures are issues that can be solved by replacing your HVAC systems.

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